About Us

About us:

Hi, my name is Alison Downard, co-founder of Sport Life Z.

Sport Life Z was founded out of our passion for sport in general and fitness in particular.

Where the story begins,

We are living in such a complicated world that stress, anxiety and mental disorders have not been uncommon anymore. Anyone can easily fall into those conditions and if not cured immediately, the consequences can be serious.

I used to be in such a situation where the mind seems so messed up and stressed out that it is so hard to focus on daily tasks. At that moment, I knew that something has to be changed. So I focused on nurturing the body through a proper training schedule and a nutritious diet.

After a while, things got better and better and my mind also got a lot freer and more comfortable. That was when I discovered the power of sport and fitness.

The more I got into it, the more I understood how powerfully fitness could change your life. I also connected to other people in the community so we could help each other.

That leads to the creation of Sportlifez,

We start from scratch and we understand how difficult it is when practicing without guidance. That sensation has forced us to create this blog where we share everything we know.

We are individuals who believe that the best way to improve life quality is through sport and fitness.

Our goal is to help people, even those who start from scratch to have a proper understanding of how to train and improve their stamina.

Sport Life Z is where you can find the answer to almost every common question you may have but have no one to ask. This is where we share valuable and practical knowledge.

We provide everything you need to know when practicing. From basic guidance such as how to play ping-pong, we also cover nutrition tips as nutrition plays an integral part in keeping you healthy.

To beginners, the process may not be as easy as many thought it would be. There would be a lot of fatigue and discouragement on the way. Therefore, we also include a session of motivation videos which will boost your mood and energy back to where it should be.

We are still working day by day to broaden wisdom to help you navigate. As you have made it to this last line, we believe deep down you want to make some remarkable changes to your body. Let’s start with us today and we will help you progress.

Build a healthy body to have a healthy mind!

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