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Is The Best Lightweight Ping Pong Paddle Good For Both Beginners And Professional Players?


Wanting to invest in the best lightweight ping pong paddle? It’s better to learn carefully. Is it appropriate for you? Click here to look for your answer.

What will you do if you get a ton of emails which ask you about how to choose the best lightweight ping pong paddle? That is my case. Of course, I must answer all of them as fast as possible. Or I must be stressed dreadfully.

Just kidding!

I want to write this post quickly because I recognized that many people, especially beginners don’t properly understand the problem.

Hey, beginners, read to know “is it really suitable for you?”

Hi, professional players, keep reading to pick up an option.

Now, are you ready to discover with me?

Let’s jump right in here:

What Is A Ping Pong Paddle?

Before going into details, I think that you should know this information:

A ping pong paddle is known as a small bat or tennis racket. People use it to play ping pong or tennis. These paddles are made from layers of wood, rubber, sponge, and short wooden handle.

What Is The Difference Between The Red And Black Sides On Ping Pong Paddles?

On the market, ping pong paddles have a lot of colors. However, if you take part in a professional competition, it requires a bat which has a red side and black side.

One side is made from dimpled rubber for making more spin and another is smoother for giving you more ball control.  So, the red and black sides help you determine which side you should use to hit the ball in a certain method.

How To Maintain The Ping Pong Paddle?

I highly recommend you to maintain your bat regularly. Let’s use the mixture of tepid water, a mild detergent, and a soft cloth. Don’t forget to inspect the rubber to make sure that it doesn’t separate from the blade.

How To Advance Your Ping Pong Game?

  • Determine which spin will work well for you. The playing style of everyone is different, so the demand for a particular spin is also different.
  • Learn the right angle of your bat. Do you want to hit, serve, or return serve? It’s not important but you must hold the paddle properly. The angle you hold your racket can make your game different.
  • Practice more. Any player has to experience this process. Practice plays a very important role in your success.
  • Let’s use the body. How do you position your body at the table? You have to determine the proper stance at the table in order to ready return your opponent.

Why Shouldn’t Beginners Choose The Best Lightweight Ping Pong Paddle?

The heavier your racket is, the harder you hit the ball. Beginners had better select this kind of paddle.


Although your shots won’t fast, they are more powerful, stronger thanks to its weight. Now, the only task of players is how to control the ball better.

Here’s the fact:

The best lightweight ping pong paddle can support you to make your fast, powerful shots even they will have a lot of spins. So, you can overwhelm your opponent easily.

However, the fast movements of racket don’t give you much time to control the exact angles. In sum, the control may be reduced significantly.

Professional players will love the lightweight paddle since they have good playing skills, which require beginners to practice more over time.

Which Ping Pong Paddle Is Lightweight Or Heavy?

This is relatively because it depends on health and feeling of each player.

For example, a child is holding the racket which is designed for adult, it is very heavy.

However, if your hands are big and strong, a product which is designed for normal players is lightweight.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Heavy And Lightweight Paddles

Heavy rackets


  • It provides a good holding feel, performing durable shots with high spin, safety.


  • Your acceleration requires more time. Its force of inertia is slower. It’s not suitable to use close to the table, hard to adjust the difficult shots.
  • It’s not easy to perform some movements which require your more amplitude wrist. Due to the big force of inertia, and heaviness, it’s prone your wrist injury.

Lightweight rackets


  • It’s very easy to hit the ball quicker and flexible and easy to handle at a close distance. This option suits to perform skills which need to use your wrist more.


  • A too lightweight ping pong paddle has bad stability when you want to hit the ball in a long distance.
  • It comes with a worse spin when hitting in a wide distance.
  • It fits to play in a close distance or players who have a normal body, woman, and children.

The Table Of The Best Lightweight Ping Pong Paddle

Here is the favorite part of many readers because it summarizes the basic information of all products:

Product nameFeaturesBest forRating
STIGA SupremeMaximum controlBeginners4.1/5
DHS Hurricane IIPowerfulIntermediate players4.3/5
STIGA EvolutionMany manufacturing technologiesThose who need to improve the stroke technique and players who want to play closer to the table.4.2/5
Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1The blend of 7 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbonThose who usually hit the ball from further away.4.0/5
STIGA Pro CarbonThe latest manufacturing technologiesProfessional players4.3/5

The In-depth Review Of The Best Lightweight Ping Pong Paddle

Though on the market, there are a lot of lightweight ping pong paddles, not all of them can work well as desired. You also need to consider other features. I listed the following products which give the best outcome when combining the lightweight feature and other outstanding elements.

ImageProsView Product
  • Powerful
  • Great control
  • Good shape
  • More...
View Product
  • Dual purpose rubbers
  • Fancy look and feel
  • Has 2 white balls
  • More...
View Product
  • Consistent speed, spin, and control
  • Ideal for both defense and offense
  • Comfortable grip
  • More...
View Product
  • Well constructed
  • High-quality material
  • Good speed
  • More...
View Product
  • Lightweight
  • Very good control
  • Good speed and spin
  • More...
View Product

STIGA Supreme

When buying any product, you should pay attention to which target customers it is for. Why do beginners spend a large amount of money on a professional model? It is a waste.

You can completely find out a reasonable and good-quality product like STIGA Supreme.

This tool is designed with maximum control, especially it mainly defends players.

Here is the best part:

Its outstanding feature is weight. The STIGA Supreme is made from the combination of six layers of wood and the Crystal Tech and Tube technology, resulting in 140g.

Although its rubber is not as good as others, it can create a decent amount of spin.

This paddle is integrated some outstanding technologies, so it has a great build quality.

As I said earlier, the STIGA Supreme is for beginners at a cheap price, so you can’t expect a perfect paddle. In fact, it doesn’t work fast.


  • Powerful
  • Great control
  • Good shape
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Well made and sturdy
  • Lightweight


  • Not good quality of rubber

Buy STIGA Supreme

DHS Hurricane II

Actually, I only pay attention to products for beginners and professional players because of one for cheap and good features, another for expensive but excellent features. However, DHS Hurricane II is an exception.

This tool is designed for intermediate players.

Though this is not the most powerful racket, its spin is better than other competitors.

DHS is a company in China where is home of the recent table tennis world champions, so they know what you are needing.

The best feature is the different type of rubber on each side. The Hurricane rubber in one side is for offensive players because it allows you to create a major amount of spin, hitting the ball at dizzying speeds. Meanwhile, the G555 rubber on another side comes with a very tacky surface but it is slower to provide more control.

Let’s discover my favorite thing:

It is packed in a professional and elaborate form including a protection band for a side of the paddle, 2 balls, and a carrying case. It’s so suitable to make as a lovely gift.


  • Dual purpose rubbers
  • Fancy look and feel
  • Has 2 white balls
  • Well made


  • Expensive
  • Requires high maintenance

Buy DHS Hurricane II

STIGA Evolution

My first impression for STIGA Evolution is a simple design that looks like others. Guess its features are not special. But, I changed my mind after using.

This paddle comes with the best control at a very affordable price.

Control makes a contribution to playing tennis. So, is it enough reasons for you to pick up the paddle?

Specifically, this tool can hit the ball to where you want.

The great choice is the combination of six piles of light wood and many manufacturing technologies, offering much power and a bigger sweet spot for accuracy.

It is the best option for those who need to improve the stroke technique and players who want to play closer to the table.


  • Consistent speed, spin, and control
  • Ideal for both defense and offense
  • Comfortable grip
  • Soft to touch
  • Super Sticky


  • Not too fast
  • Not cheap

Buy STIGA Evolution

Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1

At first glance, I really don’t believe in the advertising. How can the manufacturer produce an amazing tool at a reasonable price? However, it’s possible.

Let’s see:

This paddle can provide lots of power and spin.


It is designed with a blend of 7 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon, giving the blade a high-level rigidity but keeping the weight down. And, the more rigidity you have, the more power you have.

Thanks to the Nitrix-4z, you can easily create a few explosive shots without influencing accuracy. This choice suits those who usually hit the ball from further away.

When it comes to the spin, it has a sticky surface which can give your opponents a hard time.


  • Well constructed
  • High-quality material
  • Good speed
  • Not too bouncy
  • Good control
  • Good price
  • Lightly


  • Short handle
  • Average spin

Buy Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1

STIGA Pro Carbon

If other paddles give me a surprise with an ordinary look and wonderful features, STIGA Pro Carbon brings a good impression from the first see. Everything is perfect.

This choice is for professional players. If you love the outstanding features of the JET 800, which is expensive, you can buy STIGA with a half.

This model is very fast, especially it has a lot of spins.

Do you want to know why it’s a very high-quality product?

This product is integrated with the latest manufacturing technologies.

It’s made from the blend of five layers of balsa and 2 layers of carbon, making sure a very rigid paddle. That means the paddle has lots of power without influencing the precision. Players who usually hit a ball from mid to far will love STIGA.

Its drawback is that you can’t have lots of power and control at the same time. You have two choices: choosing the speed and try to practice more to improve your accuracy as well as possible or sacrificing power for maximizing your control.


  • Lightweight
  • Very good control
  • Good speed and spin


  • Can feel too powerful for someone

Buy STIGA Pro Carbon

What is You Pick?

In a ton of emails I got, many people asked my choice. So, let me tell you about my decision. STIGA Pro Carbon is wonderful because it gives me a good impression of both the look and features. This choice is cheaper than JET 800 but has similar features. The latest manufacturing technologies make it greater.

How about you? Which one will you choose? Do you have the same idea for me? Or will you invest in another product? Please let me know your answers and explain if it’s possible. Your information may be very useful for our review of the best lightweight ping pong paddle. Don’t forget to share if you see it is very informative for other readers.

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