Best Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner – All You Need Are Here

Best Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner – All You Need Are Here

Aside from keeping your paddles clean with water, using the best ping pong paddle cleaner also helps to add tackiness to the rubber and keeps them last long.

How often do you clean your ping pong paddle?

Which is the best way to clean it?

You only use water to clean, don’t you?

If you are here and wonder these questions, we will showcase the best ping pong paddle cleaner to keep your racket fresh as well as maintain its efficiency at best.

Make sure you follow our guide carefully since making your racket clean and dust free is the second important thing after buying a great paddle to play.

Why cleaning the paddle makes a difference?

Before going into the details of the best cleaning choices for you, it is necessary to understand the importance of having a clean ping pong paddle.

Have you realized how well a new paddle works compared to an old one with dust?

The rubber on the new paddle always has a springiness and better gripping capacity. When it hits the ball, it transfers a clean shot to put the ball where it is supposed to go.

If the rubber becomes worn, the paddle will be smoother, and its accuracy goes down.

Accumulations of dust on the paddle also prevent the action due to inconsistency in the grip of the surface. The dust even leads to early deterioration of the rubber material.

That’s why you should clean your paddle after each use to get the best results.

How to clean your paddle?

How to clean your ping pong paddle

How often should you do?

Cleaning your ping pong accessories is mandatory, and you have to do as often as you can depending on how often you play.

As outlined above, you should clean the ping pong racket after every use to lessen the possibility of any issue and keep it stand the test of time.

If you store the paddles for a while without using, it is okay to clean it before starting the game. However, the best thing is to do once or twice in 3 to 4 months to avoid too much dust.

Or remember the last time you cleaned it and decide whether it is the right time to perform it again.

How to clean?

The most crucial thing when it comes to cleaning the ping pong paddles is the safety. It is because no one wants to damages them permanently.

Now, we will show you the easiest and simplest way that is proven by the International Table Tennis Federation.

What you should prepare

  • Bottled water
  • Small bowl
  • Small sponge
  • Nylon brush

Step 1

The first and foremost thing is to use a nylon brush to remove all the debris from the paddle. This lessens the chance of any issue that might happen after that.

Carry out slightly and not too hardly to avoid scratching rubber on the paddle’s surface.

Step 2

Fill a small bow with bottled water, then dip a sponge in it and squeeze.

The sponge should be wet enough to gather dust and dirt, yet not too wet to make your paddle a full bath.

Step 3

Hold the racket so that its head is facing the floor.

Next, start cleaning its surface from one edge to another edge by rubbing the sponge from base to the head.

Remember to follow the pattern when you shave to stop the dust from preventing.

Step 4

Continue rubbing the surface until both rubbers are clean.

When finishing, put the paddle down on another clean surface or a table and let it dry completely. Once it is totally dried, place it back in the protective case.

More tips

  • Investing a good case is a nice idea because it prevents the paddle from any physical damage as well as prolonged sunlight or even the air surrounding. And it is one of the most efficient ways to preserve the paddle and rubber.
  • Remember to clean the handles since they easily get dirty. Besides, the combination of sweat, body oils and other contaminants from your hands can damage its integrity.
  • In case you think that the rubber is too old, you can read our post on how to replace ping pong paddle rubber to know more.

Are there other ways to clean?

Aside from using the water to cleanse the ping pong paddles, there are other conventional methods to follow.

Use a toothbrush

If your paddle comes with a pimpled rubber, you should avail a toothbrush to get into hard-to-reach places.

All you should do is to dampen the toothbrush in plain water or a rubber cleaning solution. Then clean the paddle thoroughly to maintain both the rubber pimples and tips, giving a good grip afterward.

Once it is done, wipe out the residue and let it air dry.

Use your breath and clean with your hands

It sounds crazy when you blow the ping pong paddle and wipe with your hands. However, this way is quite useful.

Keep in mind that you only apply it when there are no other cleaning solutions.


If you wonder whether using alcohol is okay or not, the answer is YES.

Before cleaning, you need to remove any loose debris or dust with a nylon brush. Then dip a soft cloth in methylated spirits, rub over the rubber, and allow it to air dry.

This method is also necessary to add tackiness.

Olive oil

One more excellent way that can add stickiness of the rubber is to use olive oil. But avoid using too much or the racket tends to be slippery while impacting with the ball.

Put the right amount of oil in a small bowl. Dip a toothbrush and start scrubbing the paddle’s surface. Then use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe the excess oil and let it dry.

Commercial cleaners

Most of these products come in a foam type or a spray. And they are said to enhance the actual rubber’s natural coarse state.

Apply the cleaning solution based on the instructions on the surface and then use a sponge or a brush with soft-bristle to rub. Next, wipe it off with a clean cloth or paper towel and allow it to dry.

REMEMBER to choose wisely because some might include harsh ingredients that damage the racket.

So, keep reading our article to find out the top cleaning solutions.

What to avoid?

In addition to the cleaning methods above, you should pay attention to some vital points when cleaning the paddles.

NEVER use detergents or any other harsh chemicals.

Some tend to use these substances to take off stains or grimes from the surface.

But this action will damage it a lot because the abrasive chemicals in such products are powerful to cause harm, even if availed in a small quantity. It also decreases the lifespan of the paddle.

One more important thing is not to use your bare hands while cleaning the racket. Although some products affirm that they are totally safe for skin contact, it is best to wear gloves to protect yourself.

Top 5 reviews of the best ping pong paddle cleaner in 2019

ImagesProsView Product
  • Easy to use
  • Gives a quick cleaning
  • Maintains the rubber effectively
  • More...
View Product
  • Leaves the paddles clean and tacky
  • Gives the rubber a longer life
  • Makes the old paddles work well
  • More...
View Product
  • Maintains the tackiness of the rubber well
  • Easy to spread
  • Gives maximum spin and grip
  • More...
View Product
  • Comes with a large bottle
  • Gets the dirt of the paddle well
  • Brings out the necessary tackiness
  • More...
View Product
  • Gives a clean racket
  • Brings the original nature for the rubber
  • Safe for skin contact
  • More...
View Product

Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

Butterfly 8181 care kit

Our first choice of the best cleaning product for your ping pong racket is the Butterfly 8181.

This kit includes Butterfly Spin Refresh, a rubber sponge, and cleaning tips to clean your paddle before and after use.

It helps to move away dust and other debris from the surface and keep a good “pull” on the paddle. After cleaning, the rubber will look shiny and leave the greater grip, allowing you to perform better shots.

Aside from keeping the rubber clean and alive, it also maintains the longevity of the rubber.

If you haven’t used and cleaned your paddle for a long time, make sure to use the blue side of the sponge to carry out a deep clean. Then use the yellow side to clean regularly.


  • Easy to use
  • Gives a quick cleaning
  • Maintains the rubber effectively
  • Ideal for restoring the old rubber


  • Press gently or more foam will squirt out

Buy Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner


MightySpin cleaner

Another excellent choice to care your racket as well as improve its rubber lifespan is the MightySpin ping pong paddle cleaner.

This set comes in a compact, handy bag including a cleaning solution and a sponge. It helps to remove the slippery layer off the paddle and bringing the grip and stickiness back to the rubber.

You even use this product for the old paddles to bring their performance back.

From the moment you avail it, you will be satisfied with every swing, a backhand, and overhand smash while playing.

And if you have any complaint, just contact the brand and get a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Leaves the paddles clean and tacky
  • Gives the rubber a longer life
  • Makes the old paddles work well
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Reasonably priced


  • No clear instructions on how to use
  • Some require the bigger sponge

Buy MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner

Killerspin Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Cleaner


Killerspin cleaning spray

The next excellent choice for maintaining your paddles in a perfect condition is the Killerspin rubber cleaning spray.

The rubber cleaner spray bottle is made in Germany from water-based ingredients. It is also VOC free and antistatic. That’s why it easily removes oil and dirt and leaves a clean surface every time.

The kit has a 2-sided sponge for applying the cleaner, moving away dirt, and cleaning residue effectively.

Make sure you spray the right amount on the sponge to remove the dirt from the rubber and then refresh its grasp and tackiness.

Since it is made from a popular Chicago-based company, you are guaranteed to get the premium-quality product.


  • Maintains the tackiness of the rubber well
  • Easy to spread
  • Gives maximum spin and grip
  • Makes the old paddles feel new again
  • 30-day warranty


  • Some reckon the price is a little high

Buy Killerspin Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Cleaner

JOOLA Turbo Rubber Cleaner Spray


JOOLA Turbo cleaner spray

Let the JOOLA Turbo rubber cleaner spray help you deal with your dirty paddles!

The 250-milliliter anti-static rubber cleaner spray bottle preserves and protects the rubber of the racket effectively. It is also helpful to remove dirt, dust, and oil to restore the rubber.

By using regularly, you can expand the durability and firm grip of the racket.

Since this product doesn’t come with a sponge, you must buy it separately. Make sure to look to the JOOLA cleaner sponge for the best result.


  • Comes with a large bottle
  • Gets the dirt of the paddle well
  • Brings out the necessary tackiness
  • Restores the paddle to new condition


  • Buy a sponge separately
  • The rotating cap is a little loose

Buy JOOLA Turbo Rubber Cleaner Spray

iNNOGLUE Table Tennis Rubber Cleaner

iNNOGLUE cleaner

The last pick in our list is the iNNOGLUE rubber cleaner.

This model is specially formulated with antioxidant and disinfectant to wipe away dirt and oil from the surface. It also protects and returns the rubber surface into its original nature.

Another good point is that this cleaning solution doesn’t include any harmful materials. That means it is safe for skin contact as well as safe to use with all kinds of rubbers.

Similar to the JOOLA Turbo, it doesn’t offer a sponge. So, you have to buy it separately.


  • Gives a clean racket
  • Brings the original nature for the rubber
  • Safe for skin contact
  • Made in the USA
  • Low price


  • You have to pay more for a sponge

Buy iNNOGLUE Table Tennis Rubber Cleaner

What is your final choice?

We have presented you top names of the best ping pong paddle cleaner as well as a thorough guide and steps.

As long as you find the product you want, the process is easy to follow and perform. You soon know how to recreate the probabilities that you need to handle after every game.

If you need a particular pick, we highly recommend the Butterfly 8181.

Firstly, you will get a complete kit with a cleaning solution bottle and a sponge to deal with the paddles. Of course, it helps to wipe away dust and debris and keep the rubber look shiny, allowing you to perform good shots.

Do you agree with us?

If your answer is yes, GET YOURS NOW.

Then don’t forget to share with us your experience or anything you want to know more by leaving your comment below.

Once again, thanks for reading.

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