What is the Best Ping Pong Paddle Holder? Find the Answer Here

What is the Best Ping Pong Paddle Holder? Find the Answer Here

If you want to keep your ping pong equipment clean, organized and ready to play, read our top choices of the best ping pong paddle holder and buy the one now.

Since you are here, we know you are looking to the best ping pong paddle holder to keep your balls and paddles organized.

But which one do you need at this point?

Do you want a holder that can attach to the table for easy access? Or you want something that can be mounted on the wall?

To help you find an exact answer, get ready to read our post.

When you come to our site, we know you need to buy a particular product. Luckily, we found some of the best choices available on the market.

Keep following us to read all the reviews and pick the one you love most.

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Which is the best ping pong paddle holder? Read top 4 reviews now

ImagesProsView Product
  • Sturdy and compact
  • Elegant look, fit for your home decoration
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • More...
View Product
  • Well-made and high quality
  • Easy to set up to the tableside
  • A good set with an affordable price
  • More...
View Product
  • Ideal for casual players and kids
  • Well-made holder to keep everything organized
  • Low price for a full set
  • More...
View Product
  • Perfect for family
  • Great quality
  • Packaged everything well
  • More...
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Table tennis storage rack wall mount (100% Steel)

MEOLLO table tennis storage rack wall mount

Our first selection is the table tennis storage from MEOLLO, a European brand.

Made of 100% steel, it has a beautiful design and doesn’t hold too much space. Since it is planned to mount on the wall, you get screws for this purpose.

Depending on its metal construction and thickness, you can put about five paddles and six balls at the same time.

This product is suitable for use outdoors and indoors. Also, it resists severe weather conditions without oxidation, giving great durability.

Although its price is a bit higher, it is still a worthy investment when it comes to materials and looks.


  • Sturdy and compact
  • Elegant look, fit for your home decoration
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Hold paddles and balls well
  • Made in the UK


  • A little expensive
  • You might knock over some balls when taking out the paddle

Buy Table tennis storage rack wall mount (100% Steel)

EastPoint Sports 4-Player Paddle & Ball Set

If you prefer to hang a paddle holder at the side of the table, the EastPoint Sports 4-Player paddle & ball set is the best deal.

This set has everything including four paddles, six balls, and one mountable case for the table. With this model, the ping pong balls and paddles are more comfortable to take and access.

The mesh is also more comfortable, sturdy and semi-firm so that it won’t lose its shape after a long time.

Overall, this product makes for an excellent addition to any family game room. Of course, you don’t need to worry about losing the balls or not having enough paddles for double-playing.


  • Well-made and high quality
  • Comfortable and sturdy holder to keep the balls and paddles
  • Easy to set up to the tableside
  • A good set with an affordable price


  • Requires skills when mounting on the wall
  • Did not come with screws

Buy EastPoint Sports 4-Player Paddle & Ball Set

Franklin Sports 4 Player Table Tennis Paddle and Ball Set

Franklin Sports set

Similar to the above product, the Franklin Sports also offers a full set including four ping pong paddles, six balls, and a paddle holder.

One of the best things about this model is its low price. Although its quality is not groundbreaking, it is not terrible. Indeed, it is suitable for beginners and kids.

Another good side is that all four paddles can fit into a good-looking holder, making it the best choice available for the whole family.

Just REMEMBER that you need hooks since it doesn’t include an adhesive Velcro strip for hanging at the table. And if you want to mount on the wall, make sure you have some screws.


  • Ideal for casual players and kids
  • Well-made holder to keep everything organized
  • Low price for a full set


  • Require hooks for attaching

Buy Franklin Sports 4 Player Table Tennis Paddle and Ball Set

JOOLA Family Table Tennis Set with 4 Spirit Rackets and 10 Balls

JOOLA Family Table Tennis set

The JOOLA Family table tennis set, the last pick on this list shows that ping pong is becoming a favorite sport for the whole family.

It comes with four rackets, and five white and five orange 1-star balls. With a smooth rubber surface and straight handle design on all the paddles, you are guaranteed to get a maximum ball control.

This model also offers a convenient storage bag to hold all your equipment. Of course, it is easy to attach to the table side without difficulty.

Although this product is ideal for friends, family and those want to keep the ping pong materials organized and ready to play, you might consider twice because of its high price.


  • Perfect for family
  • Great quality
  • Packaged everything well
  • Gives excellent paddles and balls to play
  • Easy to attach


  • Comes with a high price
  • Strong chemical smell at first

Buy JOOLA Family Table Tennis Set

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What do you know about ping pong?

Select the best ping pong paddle holder to keep everything organized

Before showing top choices available in the market, we want to mention some necessary information about this favorite game.

What is ping pong?

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a sport in which two or four players hit a ball back and forth across a table by using small paddles.

Although table tennis and ping pong were initially the same sport, it is no longer true nowadays.

Before 2011, both are still the same. Amateur players call “ping pong” as a hobby while serious players consider it as a sport and name it as table tennis. After 2011, ping pong is described as another sport.

If you want to study more, our article on “Are ping pong and table tennis the same here will explain clearly.

What to consider when playing?


First of all, you need to have some paddles and balls.

The paddles are about 7 inches by 6 inches, wooden and coated with rubber. Their colors include red (on one side) and black (the other side).

Meanwhile, the balls should be small, lightweight and white. To know which best ping pong ball to buy, click here for further information.

The next thing is your playing surface.

The table’s color is usually blue or green and measures in at 9 foot by 5 foot. It needs to be made from wood and separated in half by a 6 inches high net.

How to play

The objective of any game is simple and nice. Of course, you have to overcome your opponent to WIN.


You gather more points than your opponent by hitting the ball over the net to make sure he cannot return the ball or miss it or hit it into the net.

Do anything to get one point. And who acquires 11 points first will be the winner.

After learning the basics such as serving and returning the ball, you can employ some techniques to send better shots.

Among, spin is an essential factor. This makes the ball move unforeseeably and becomes more challenging to hit for the opponent.

There are three main kinds including topspin, sidespin, and backspin. Or you can use cork-spin when serving to make the ball become oddly when landing in the opponent’s table.

Which tips to play ping pong better?

Except for the basic rules above, we also mention cool tips that you can apply to play this sport better and better

Learn some useful tips to play ping pong better

Practice all the time

The more you practice, the more you improve.

You can practice alone against the wall to help you get a good feeling for the racket and know exactly each stroke needs. Or you even develop a new tactic or integrate a new skill.

Learn how to serve correctly

Serves are the whole part of ping pong.

If you have no idea of using them as a technique to obtain an edge over the opponent, DO IT NOW. A perfect serve will give you the point, even for the whole game.

Short serves are known as the best way since it makes the opponent meet difficulties. To perform it, you should keep your wrist relaxed and try to move your hand quicker at the end to increase the ball’s spin.

Keep the swing short

Unlike playing tennis or golf, having a short swing while playing ping pong is better. It is because a longer swing offers more room of error and undermines you.

When using short swings with both backhand and forehand, you can get back in a position more quickly. Importantly, the short swing allows you to be more accurate and precise on where you want to ball to go.

Use different heights

There are 3 central heights to consider.

  • Height 1 is when the bounced ball on the way up. Hit it before it attains maximum height by sending a short and quick stroke.
  • Height 2 is when the bounced ball at the highest point. At this time, you should avail a relaxed technique to perform flat shots.
  • Height 3 is when the bounced ball hits the table. This requires a big forearm swing before colliding. The key here is to carry out forehand loops.

Choose and use your paddles exclusively

Newbies should begin with a basic paddle to know the feeling. After that, find a medium fast blade to hone the skill and technique.

Remember not to switch the paddle often to establish a good sense of play. Always use it when practicing or in tournaments. Treat it with respect by keeping it inside a case and clean after every use.

Want to know how to clean ping pong paddle correctly? Click here now!

Join a ping pong club

Taking part in a club or league near your house helps to improve your skill better. You even learn some new strategies or tactics along the way.

Importantly, these clubs have professional coaches who train and develop you.

Which benefits when playing ping pong?

Except for being an entertaining way to spend with your friends and family, ping pong also gives fantastic health benefits.

Down here to know!

  • Playing enhances hand-eye coordination and stimulates concentration, alertness, and tactical strategy.
  • You can sharpen reflexes because of the short-distance and fast-paced nature of this game.
  • If you have any issue of your back, knee or be tired of twisting the ankles, playing ping pong helps to better your arm and leg without straining your joints.
  • This entertaining and addictive sport is a fun way to burn your calories. If your weight is about 150 pounds, you can burn 272 calories when playing for about 1 hour.
  • Ping pong uses various areas of your brain simultaneously when you track the ball, figure out spins, and plan shots and strategies.
  • Being able to change direction and staying balance are the key to be a good ping pong player. The more you play this game, the more you enhance your sense of balance.
  • This sport is an ideal way to connect to other people. Since both young and old people can enjoy, it helps to better communication and build relationships.

How to make a ping pong paddle holder by yourself?

If you are a DIYer, it will be fun to create something that can hold the ping pong paddles and balls.

Make sure you own a carpenter’s shop with the necessary tools and material. Then watch the video to start doing.

The final result will be a shining storage rack that you can mount on the wall.

Or you also find some nylon fabric and do the basic sewing to make a simple holder that you attach it to the tableside.

How about your last decision?

This is the end of our list of the best ping pong paddle holder. And we hope that we’ve managed to clear your questions.

With all the top products above, we highly suggest the paddle holder from MEOLLO.

Although its price is pricey, it is convenient to store your paddles and balls. It is durable since it is made of steel and even makes your home decoration stunning.

Or if you prefer to have a full set with a storage case to hang to the side of the table, the EastPoint Sports will be a nice pick. You will get enough ping pong paddles, balls to play and an organizer to hold everything.

Time to ORDER the one you need most and enjoy the game!

In case you are still uncertain about anything, feel free to leave your comments here, and we will do our best to help you.

Once again, thanks for reading!

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