Nail The Game With the Best Ping Pong Paddle under $100

Nail The Game With the Best Ping Pong Paddle under $100
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How many options do you have regarding ping pong paddles? Thousands? There are many! Let’s create the list of 10 best ping pong paddles under 100 below, too.

Ping pong is a favorite sport that people from almost all countries play. Therefore, we’re not surprised if the market for ping pong paddles never stops introducing new models.

Is it hard to make the right choice within a budget?

The mix-up of low-quality and premium products confuses consumers in choosing the best ping pong paddle. Some people pay too much for what they get.

Have you got solutions?

We welcome all of your opinions on the comment section. At the same time, you’ll see our quick buying guide on how to buy a right paddle at a reasonable price.

And don’t leave until you have the list of ten best ping pong paddles under 100 reviewed by us. See you until the end!

Splash buying guide

This section won’t take you a long time. And it is worth reading because all table tennis players need orientation about what they should buy. Don’t be sad if you made a wrong choice before; we’re here to help.

So, what are we looking for from a quality ping pong paddle?

Better grip

We have two grip styles: Shakehand and Penhold. What is your grip style?

Usually, people in Asia prefer Penhold grip, especially Japanese and Chinese. Meanwhile, the rest go for Shakehand – the easier way to hold a paddle.

We would recommend flared or straight handle for Shakehand players. This handle design helps your fingers relax by holding loosely, but you will still feel a firm grip.

Support for playstyle

Do ping-pong paddles make a difference in performance? Yes, they do. Each player has their strategies and a decent paddle will be a tremendous support.

How do you play? Are you a defensive or attacking player?

Knowing your style will lead you closer to the ideal paddle.

Effects of blade

The blade is the first part that reflects your movement and strength. Usually, producers made it with five layers or even more.

Some paddles are 100% wood. These paddles suit defensive players because wood absorbs ball’s energy better and helps to slow the game down. Besides, heavier paddles made of softer materials give the same effect.

If you prefer to be attackers, find a tougher and lighter blade. Rigid materials will help you to boost up ball’s energy better.

Customized rubber

Rubber also supports your style. We evaluate based on tackiness and firmness of the rubber.

If you play for the defense, choose paddles with softer and tackier rubber. The softer rubber is, the more spins the paddle produces.

Thickness of sponge

The thicker the sponge is, the more attacking the paddle becomes. Do you know where the sponge is yet? Alright, it’s between the rubber and the blade.

There would be thousands of paddles that meet all your qualifications. However, you care about the price, don’t you?

Thus, in this topic, we concentrate on the best ping pong paddle under $100 only. Below, we have some recommendations which are both budget saving and qualified to what we need.

Keep reading!

Best ping pong paddles under $100

ImageProsView Product
  • Thick tennis rubber (Yuki 2.1mm)
  • Flared design for better grip
  • A racket case to protect the racket better
  • More...
View Product
  • High quality five layers of woods and rubber finish
  • PVC protective tape
  • Memory book to record practice journey
  • More...
View Product
  • Approval by ITTF
  • Shock dispersion technology for vibration reduction
  • Decent control and spin
  • More...
View Product
  • Approval by ITTF
  • Decent spin
  • Seven ultralight layers of plywood
  • More...
View Product
  • Premium carbon fiber finish
  • Memory book to record practice journey
  • Side tape to concentrate energy on the ball
  • More...
View Product
  • Customized option for beginners
  • Thick rubber (2.1mm)
  • Stable
  • More...
View Product
  • Customized option for beginners
  • Maximum power and spin provided for attackers
  • Exclusive combination of Palio and Expert table tennis
  • More...
View Product
  • ITTF’s approval for tournaments
  • Six layers of premium plywood
  • Featured STIGA for speed and control
  • More...
View Product
  • Approval by ITTF
  • Well-made handle
  • Fine spin and control
  • More...
View Product
  • From a reputable supplier for the OlympicsF
  • Thick and rounder blade for better defense
  • Flared handle that everyone loves
  • More...
View Product

1. Butterfly 401

Thick tennis rubber (Yuki 2.1mm)Medium spin level
Flared design for better grip
A racket case to protect the racket better
Approval from ITTF for tournaments
Powerful for attackers

This Butterfly 401 paddle is a real racket for attackers. It has a round blade combined with a 2.1 rubber layer. All of the details will improve the spin.

Besides, the handle of Butterfly 401 is for handshake style. It promises to fit a large number of players. We also love the flared handle that enhances grip and comfort during hours of holding.

More importantly, this product is accepted in tournaments by ITTF. We believe that the certification tells something about the racket’s quality.

Besides its performance, customers will be even more satisfied with the racket case included. It’s an extra but high-quality gift.

Buy Butterfly 401

2. Killerspin JET200

High quality five layers of woods and rubber finishA bit heavy
PVC protective tape
Memory book to record practice journey
More supportive for ball control
Flared handle that everyone loves

If you are searching for something cheap but useful, this Killerspin JET200 is the one. We would recommend it to beginners who need to sharpen their fighting skills.

Usually, when people want to maximize the control of the ball, they lose speed and vice versa. This paddle keeps it and speeds in balance so that recreational players practice more before participating in competition.

The racket comes with a protective tape that provides a better build. Moreover, the tape supports in boosting up ball’s energy by focusing force on the blade.

Even though it’s not a racket approved by ITTF, Killerspin builds it well with five wooden layers and rubber finish. The Flared handle is suitable for Shakehand style.

The products come with a gift box and a memory note. We guess all beginners need the kits when they start practicing.

Buy Killerspin JET200

3. STIGA Evolution Performance

Approval by ITTFThin blade
Shock dispersion technology for vibration reduction
Decent control and spin
Six layers of plywood that boost the ball’s energy

STIGA should be proud of its products because almost all tennis rackets of this brand get approved by ITTF. Therefore, it’s no waste to have a STIGA in your ping pong paddle collection. Besides, the brand sells its products at reasonable prices.

This STIGA Evolution has Shock Dispersion Technology that helps with attacking. They made it with premium rubber finish sandwiching six-layered blades.

Even so, the blade is quite thin and ultralight so that players can attack better.  However, this blade turns out to be a disadvantage because it helps nothing with side defense.

One of the huge selling points in STIGA is the decent spin. The spin rating can come up from 9 to 10/10. Besides, the handle provides better absorption that helps players in ball control.

Buy STIGA Evolution Performance

4. STIGA Pro Carbon

Approval by ITTFToo lightweight
Carbon technology to absorb the ball’s energy and take control of shots
Decent spin
Seven ultralight layers of plywood

As other tennis rackets by STIGA, this STIGA Pro Carbon is also approved by ITTF to play in tournaments.

This Pro Carbon version comes with double carbon layers. The layers harden the blade, therefore enhance rigidity and ball’s energy. Yes, again, we are talking about a paddle for attacking players.

STIGA launches the Pro Carbon version with seven layers of light plywood added premium rubber coverage. Also, the sponge is 2.0mm thick.

It’s easy to tell from the materials that this is an ultralight paddle. However, lightweight paddle assists in attacking but not helping in controlling. Do you still prefer it?

Buy STIGA Pro Carbon

5. Killerspin JET800 Speed

Premium carbon fiber finishThe most expensive of Killerspin
Memory book to record practice journey
High-class look with burnt wooden handleSide tape to concentrate energy on the ball
Side tape to concentrate energy on the ball

Killerspin Jet800 is the upgraded version of Jet200 which we just discussed. Let’s see what we have more.

The version JET800 focuses on accuracy. While Jet200 seems a perfect choice for beginners, this Jet800 is for professional players with aggressive strategies.

It enhances grip and spin on serves. Besides, the rubber layers also promise a better control of the ball.

The Jet800 comes with a better look. The handle in burnt wood color makes the racket look professional and classic.

Like the Killerspin JET200, you have a memory book included with JET800 as a notebook for all records, score, and schedule.

Buy Killerspin JET800 Speed

6. Eastfield Allround

Customized option for beginnersSlow spin
Thick rubber (2.1mm)Glued rubber

If you are looking for a perfect paddle when you start playing, there’s nothing better than the Eastfield Allround.

This racket is for defensive players and beginners who care more about ball controlling and stability.

This one has a red blade and a painted wooden handle. Nothing is too fancy, but the quality matches the price.

The Eastfield Allround paddle has a 2.1mm rubber layer that guarantees stability and also spins control. It’s not the fastest and fiercest tennis racket, but it helps you to take 100% control of movements and shots.

The rubber layers are glued so that users can make a change if necessary. However, they also peel off more easily.

Buy Eastfield Allround

7. Palio Legend 2

Customized option for beginnersSlightly heavy
Maximum power and spin provided for attackers
Exclusive combination of Palio and Expert table tennis

Palio Legend 2 is a new combination between Palio and Expert Table Tennis. The product consists of good features from each brand and the removal of limitations.

First, this racket is one of ping pong paddle approved by ITTF to pay in tennis tournaments. This racket is also for powerful attackers.

The Palio rubber supports quick and powerful shots. Besides, the layers add up more weight to the racket, and therefore, players can boost up the ball’s energy better.

More than that, the racket is made of hardened wood which helps more in attacks.

On the other hand, taking control of the ball is quite challenging, but honestly, we don’t see any problems with experienced players.

Buy Palio Legend 2

8. STIGA Supreme Performance

ITTF’s approval for tournamentsWeak top-spin
Featured STIGA for speed and control
Six layers of premium plywood
Decent spin

This STIGA is also for players at professional levels as it has the approval from ITTF for competitive matches.

The STIGA Supreme, as its name describes, performs better in both speed and control. With a lightweight blade, it’s still an option for attackers.

This Supreme version uses WRB technology that enhances blade balance and ball sensitivity. Therefore, we will get better ball control while attacking.

Besides, the product retains STIGA’s SDT technology, which helps a lot in force absorption and vibration reduction at the handle.

Buy STIGA Supreme Performance

9. STIGA Tournament

Approval by ITTFNot so powerful
Hardened blade to support stronger ball’s movements
Well-made handle
Fine spin and control

The STIGA Tournament version provides a much more powerful attacking machine. And as for how we call it, this racket is for competitive matches and serves players at performance level.

Forget about controlling or stability; this racket has a hardened blade that maximizes ball’s energy. The new blade joins in speeding up ball’s movement and absorbs no ball’s energy at all.

Besides, the racket is ultralight. The weight assists more in hand movements. All features are to defeat the opponents in the shortest time and by the best performance.

Buy STIGA Tournament

10. DHS 6-Star Premium

From a reputable supplier for the OlympicsFCostlier than others
Thick and rounder blade for better defense
Flared handle that everyone loves
Ideal weight

Tennis players in the Olympics no longer feel strange about DHS products. This paddle is a worldwide renowned product for its performance level. That’s why we are sure that no one would regret buying one.

The paddle has in thicker and rounder blade that we are looking for side contact. The inverted rubber and broader blade also assist more in fierce attacks.

Besides, the rubber on thick blade provides higher traction and better control of the ball’s movement.

This model is a racket that provides both defensive players and attackers with professional performance and also a powerful shield.

Buy DHS 6-Star Premium

Bottom line

It’s not easy to find a standardized tennis racket at a reasonable price. Thus, we would recommend this DHS 6-star as the best ping pong paddle under $100.

There are many accessories to buy before breaking into a tennis career. After you have the best ping pong paddle, next will be the best ping pong paddle cleaner.

You are supposed to spend a lot, so, start to make wise choices from now on. These paddle above are all high-quality products and affordable. You don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase premium quality tennis racket with similar properties.

Our best ping pong paddle under $100 might not be right to everyone, so don’t hesitate to share with us more products!

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