The Best Ping Pong Paddle Under $20 Isn’t Essential – Don’t Get It Wrong!

The Best Ping Pong Paddle Under $20 Isn’t Essential – Don’t Get It Wrong!

Are you starting to play tennis? Don’t want to spend a large amount of money? You can find out the best ping pong paddle under 20. Click here to read.

I decided writing this post after my friend shared her view. She thinks that a perfect playing skill is enough to win your game.

I partly agree. Skills play a major role in winning the game. But, it is not complete, especially for beginners.

If you have the right choice of ping pong paddle, I am sure that it is very beneficial for your learning process.

Below, I will help you choose the best ping pong paddle under 20. Also, I give some typical models on the market:

What is a ping pong paddle?

A ping pong paddle is called a bat or a racket. This tool is used to play table tennis (competitive sport).

There are available a lot of different variations on the market. It is basically made from a straight or flared wooden handle and a solid wooden blade. The rubber blade allows you to perform technical and highly skilled shots.

It features dimples or pimples. And this tool is designed red rubber on one side and blade and black on another side.  Thanks to this regulation, any player can’t trick their opponent.

How to choose the best ping pong paddle under 20

It seems strange but you are smart to read this article.


It’s not that all of the most expensive ping pong paddles suit any playing style at any level of experience.

Don’t waste your money.

Answer these questions:

  • Are you a beginner or intermediate player?
  • Are you an offensive or defensive player?
  • How is a racket that you love constructed?
  • How can each attribute or material choice affect the overall speed, control, and spin?

Next, let’s discover the following key factors to choose the most appropriate one:

Player type

With this consideration, you must determine your level of experience, and do you want to improve at the fastest pace?

Beginners usually want to consistently put the ball on the table. So, you should choose a paddle that can help you perform on your fundamentals as well as develop right stroke mechanics.

At this stage, spin and speed are not the top priority. You have a lot of time to improve them later.

When it comes to intermediate and advanced players, you need something that can support you to perform different techniques and moves with your playing skills for your win.

Now, it’s time to consider spin and speed as keys.

While intermediate players should choose a product that is close to the top, it’s better for advanced players to pick up the best ping pong paddle you can afford.


You have your own playing style at this level.

In case, you usually attack a lot or hit the ball further from the tennis table, you require a faster and heavier paddle.

Conversely, if you defend more, just block the shots of your opponents or chop the ball.

How to get it?

Let’s select a slower, lighter, and more controllable paddle.

Parts of the best ping pong paddle and how they influence control, spin, and speed

A racket is made from 2 main parts: a wooden blade including the handle, and rubber including sponge.

Blade and handle

A blade is designed with 5-9 layers of wood, which can have carbon or titanium carbon materials.

The flexible or rigid level is depended on the number of plies and materials.

A rigid blade transfers most of the energy of the stroke to the ball, leading in a faster paddle overall. Meanwhile, a flexible blade absorbs energy to make the ball move slower.

There are 3 types of handles: straight, anatomic, and flared ones.

  • The flared handle is thicker at the bottom so it can keep the paddle on your hand safely.
  • The anatomic handle is wider in the middle to suit your palm.
  • The straight handle has the same width from the top to the bottom.

Before deciding, you should come to the store to try some.

Rubber and sponge

You put a suitable level of spin on the ball depending on the tackiness of the rubber and the thickness of the sponge.

The different technology and treatments used and applied in the production show the different softness and tackiness of the rubber.

A softer rubber holds onto the ball more, resulting in more spin while a stickier rubber puts more spin on the ball.

Racket attributes

All of the elements above result in paddles with different amounts of control, spin, and speed. So, keep reading below:


Simply, it’s the maximum speed you can imprint on your tennis ball.

A fast paddle helps you put less energy to give your ball similar speed as before.


The quality of the rubber and the weight of racket contribute a beneficial amount of spin.

The tackier and softer paddle allows you to put more spin on the ball.

Speed is important to attack players while spin is key for any type of player.

Offensive players require it to perform forehand loops faster and defensive players need it to create a major amount of backspin when you chop the ball.


Control is a blend of two of elements above.

A fast or spin focused paddle minimizes your errors as much as possible. So, if your playing skills are not good, it’s easy to be lost control.

In sum, this element lets you know how accurate and consistent you perform the shots.

In case you are a beginner, I highly recommend you choose a slow and comfortable paddle.

For intermediate and advanced players, they had better require a more powerful racket.

Unlike speed, you can completely improve control with your playing skill. At the first stage, you don’t need to worry about control. It is better over time for those who practice hard.

The table of the best ping pong paddle under 20

This table of the best ping pong paddle under 20 helps you get the most information about 5 products which I will review below. Let’s read and discover your favorite one in details later:

Product nameFeaturesBest forRating
KEVENZ Professional Table Tennis Paddles with Long HandlesLong handlesBeginners4.1/5
GSE Game & Sports Expert Anywhere Portable Ping Pong Table Tennis Set to GoA complete setBeginners4.5/5
MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Set5 layers of real woodFrom beginner to avid players4.4/5
Pro Kadima Beach PaddleCan play at home and beachBeginners4.1/5
Butterfly Addoy Table Tennis RacketNice balance of control and speedBeginners4.0/5

The in-depth review of the best ping pong paddle under 20

ImagesProsView Product
KEVENZ Professional Table Tennis Paddles
  • Very grippy
  • Solid wood
  • Very springy
  • More...
View Product
  • Easy to install and storage
  • Multi-use
  • Sturdy clamps
  • More...
View Product
  • Easy to grip the handle
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use and set up
  • More...
View Product
  • Good size for both adults and children
  • Lightweight
  • Can play at home and beach
  • More...
View Product
  • Medium weight
  • Great feel
  • More...
View Product

Now, perhaps you know what you need. I will give you some suggestions. Just check if they can meet your requirement, then click to buy:

KEVENZ Professional Table Tennis Paddles with Long Handles

I have a strong impression on the design of KEVENZ. For the first see, I guess that its long handles have a special function.

And yes:

The long paddle handles help you control the ball and spin elementary better.

This product gives you some choices of color, so you can find out an excellent pick.

The blend of 7-ply premium blade and 4-star extra light makes sure you use it in a long time and provide a better ball control. It’s the best to use in a tournament level performance.

It also suits to boost beginners’ playing experiences.

As a bonus, this product is packed with 3 balls and 2 rackets, let you use every day freely.


  • Very grippy
  • Solid wood
  • Very springy


  • Has a definite smell
  • Pretty heavy

Buy KEVENZ Professional Table Tennis Paddles

GSE Game & Sports Expert Anywhere Portable Ping Pong Table Tennis Set to Go

If you ask me why do I choose this set, it’s easy. I am lazy and I have a tight budget.

With GSE, you can buy a complete set with under $20.

Is it great?

This package includes 2 paddles, a retractable net with post, a mesh storage bag, and 3 balls, adjustable clamps for attaching to table surfaces.

Because of the wooden rackets, it’s very easy to grip with double-sided rubber surfacing, having the right amount of tack for both control and spin.

You can clip the net bracket so it suits to play anywhere.

This set allows you to set up and take off in seconds quickly. Clamp down the holder to install it simply, then pull the net across the table top. Finally, enjoy your game.


  • Easy to install and storage
  • Multi-use
  • Sturdy clamps


  • Not very durable

Buy GSE Game & Sports Expert Anywhere Portable Ping Pong Table Tennis Set to Go

MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Set

On the market, there are many reviews about the best paddles for beginners, professionals, and so on. However, I really don’t know my level, resulting in I don’t know what works well for me.

Luckily, while searching on the Internet, I found out MightySpin, which fits anyone at any level from beginner to avid players.

Here are other outstanding features:

  • Its 5 layers of real wood provide extra strength and last your game.
  • Thanks to springy rubber, this racket is enhanced control the ball.
  • In this package, there are 2 paddles, 3 balls, so your purchase is worthy.


  • Easy to grip the handle
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use and set up


  • Loses on the end without your carefulness

Buy MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Set

Pro Kadima Beach Paddle

Many people have a wrong view that is the price reflects the quality of a product.

You are a beginner with basic demands. So, why do you have to choose the most expensive one with great features which you don’t need?

Pro Kadima Beach Paddle is designed for beginners that mean it’s good enough to help you win your game.

I am sure that your kids love its look – a brightly colored and lightweight paddle. This is a motivation for them to start a fun game.


  • Good size for both adults and children
  • Lightweight
  • Can play at home and beach


  • Can’t directly contact to water

Buy Pro Kadima Beach Paddle

Butterfly Addoy Table Tennis Racket

At first, I don’t add this product into my list because it’s hard to believe in its advertising. Its price is cheap but the advertising shows the great features which are similar to high-end products. However, I changed my mind after trying.

Let’s discover the reason:

  • It’s designed with rubber and sponge. So, if you have good skills, it’s very easy to beat your opponent.
  • The Addoy rubber content provides a nice balance of control and speed which are useful for beginners.
  • The thin sponge layer of Butterfly paddle gives you better control to strike your ball.
  • There are 3 models: 2000 having a rounded grip, the 1000 and 3000 having a squared grip.
  • Apart from beginners, many professional players use it in the International Table Tennis Federation tournaments.


  • Medium weight
  • Great feel


  • Uncomfortable to hold the handle

Buy Butterfly Addoy Table Tennis Racket

From these facts, one may conclude that

Now, it’s time for me to give my personal idea. I love GSE Game & Sports Expert Anywhere Portable Ping Pong Table Tennis Set to Go.

The reasons are very simple. This best ping pong paddle under 20 includes a whole set. I don’t need to think too much about other accessories. With a reasonable price, I can organize a small fun game with my family. And its features are similar to other products on this list.

Hey, you knew my answer, so please let me know your choice by leaving your comment below. I will answer all of them and perhaps we can have an interesting discussion. I am waiting for you.

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