5 Most Incredible and Best Ping Pong Players In The World

5 Most Incredible and Best Ping Pong Players In The World

Generally, there are quite a lot of people who play ping pong as their serious sports. However, there are those who really take their gameplays into a higher level which makes them the best ping pong player in the world today.

As a beginner in the said area of expertise, it is important and essential for you to know and learn who these people are. Identifying some of the most incredible Ping Pong players of today can largely help you learn more the course of the sport. In addition, you could inherit techniques and skills that you may apply to your practice and training.


​While you may possibly know some of these ping pong players by name, a quick inclusive look at their backgrounds and personal information may quite assist you in advancing your career. Nothing is impossible – you may one day have serious matches with these people in tournaments. Who knows what lies ahead, right?

2017’s Best Ping Pong Players In The World​

Before becoming one of the best players, certainly, there are certain standards to meet primarily. In line with these standards, the International Table Tennis Federation has a rating and pointing system for a specific and chosen match and tournaments.

These tournaments and competitions are all ITTF supervised events. Players participating in these events will either receive or lose rating points depending on the criteria that have been set beforehand.

As for the best players in this list, they are the ones included in today’s men’s and women’s top 12 respectively.​

1. Timo Boll

Having a closer look at today's best players of ping pong, Timo Boll can surely be one of the noticeable names. Although his current rank is position in the 5th place, he is one of the two germans included in the top 12 best players today.

Best Ping pong player _ Timo_Boll_2017

Image Source: Wikipedia

Aside from his appealing looks and physique, a lot are very much attracted to his offensive styles and techniques. He started playing ping pong as a form of entertainment alone at the age of four. Born and raised in Germany, Timo Boll was born in 1981.

The most apparent and prominent equipment he usually uses in tournaments and competitions are the Butterfly Boll Spirit Blade and Sriver Rubber. Timo Boll is also a well-known and active member of TVV Gannern Germany.

2. Ma Long

Today, Ma Long is the number 1 best player of ping pong in the world. For a few consecutive years, he remained to be the first of all in the men’s division. He is born and raised in China since 1988 up until in the recent times.

Best Ping Pong Player _ Ma-Long

Image Source: Wikipedia

What made him the best among the rest is his fast offensive style of gameplays. Moreover, he is one of the most prominent players who has really mastered the said game style and technique.

By and large, he is named as Fei Long which means fast dragon or flying dragon likened to his gameplay. Ma Long represents China in totality together with his known organization named as Zhejiang Ningbo Haitian.

A lot of people are always looking forward to his games and tournaments because he really appears to be very fast in all aspects of ping pong.

3. Tianwei Feng

The only Singaporean who made it to the list of top 12 ping pong players of the world in the women’s division is Tianwei Feng. She is currently ranked as the fourth placer in the said list. Although being number four is quite exhilarating in all aspects, her best rank in the previous years is around the 2nd to the 3rd spot.

best ping pong player _ Tianwei-Feng

Image Source: Wikipedia

Nevertheless, she is a great and real pride of Singapore since 1986. While she represents the said hometown city, she now lives in Heilongjiang, China and actively affiliated with Jizhong Energy-Beida Founder China.

Similar with the two players given in the list above, her gameplay is also in the offense. The usual equipment she uses on tournaments and competitions are the Stiga kevlar, Double Happiness Hurricane, and TSP Actor.

4. Vladimir Samsonov

Although most of the known best players of the recent years are seen to be Asians, Vladimir Samsonov is one of the few Europeans who made it to the list of the best players in the world. His current rank is in the 12th place but he actually bagged the 1st place in 1999.

Best Ping Pong Player_Vladimir-Samsonov

Image Source: Wikipedia

In addition, the very thing that made him different from the others is his game style. He uses his famous topspin. Additionally, a lot are very much interested in his technique of being too far from the ping pong table to be able to retrieve attacking shots of opponents.

While he represents Belarus in his games and events, he is currently residing in Germany. Furthermore, he also represents his prominent affiliation – Dusseldorf.

5. Li Xiaoxia

As of the time being, Li Xiaoxia is placed in the 3rd spot of the world’s top 12 best ping pong players. Although she is very famous for being the number 1 in the women’s division during the last year, she somehow lost a few ratings and points in her most recent games that made her fall in the 3rd place.

Best Ping Pong Player _ Li-Xiaoxia

Image Source: Wikipedia

Nevertheless, she is still wanted by many fans and people because of her mixed techniques and game styles. She always uses her prominent moves – the offensive topspin from the mid-distance. Apparently, she is the only one in the said list who uses such moves on a regular basis.

She was born and raised in China since 1988. Now, she represents as well the Shandong Luneng Lu’an Group that largely helps a lot of ping pong players to meet their very best in the said sports.

Learning Today’s Best Ping Pong Players

​In entirety, identifying and knowing the leading ping pong players are very helpful especially if you really want to excel in your ping pong expertises. You could actually study their movements and styles to further help you with your own training and practice.

Now, have you enjoyed reading today's top 5 best ping pong players in the world? If you think you inherited essential things for your personal use and agenda, you may want to share this as well to your co-players and friends in the said expertise.

Your insights and comments are very much welcome as well!​

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