Boingvert Review: What is BoingVert and How Does it Work?

Boingvert Review: What is BoingVert and How Does it Work?
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There are numerous reasons why BoingVert is an interesting jump program. Firstly, you will come across multiple people who have been claiming that they have been able to jump higher with the help of this program. However, the information available online is limited. This makes it hard to verify their stories or even understanding what this program is all about. In this review, you will be able to see what exactly the creator has included in this program.

boingvert Review

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Boingvert Review

Creators of this program

There are two people who stand behind the planning and building of this program.

Shawn Myszka 

He is the main person behind this program. It is good to know that Shawn is one of the most prominent names in the vertical jump community. In the last couple of years, he has had a great reputation. Shawn has also trained with some of the top athletes in Minnesota.

Another notable thing about Shawn is that he is an NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist. Actually, he has held the distinction since 2003. You might have heard that he is the co-founder and also one of the directors of explosive edge Athletics.

For a very long time, Shawn has been a consultant and speaker in many athletic organizations across the world. That is what makes Shawn the real deal. He has walked the walk and made a good name for himself. He has achieved this by helping thousands of athletes perform at their peak level.

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Kelly Bagget

He collaborated with Shawn to come up with this program. Like Shawn, Kelly is a certified trainer who has a lot of experience with strength training. You will never find any other person who got a big reputation in the vertical jump community than Kelly. Have you ever heard of the popular book called vertical Jump Development Bible? Kelly is the creator of this book.

Although his book is said to be outdated by modern standards, it is still one of the most influential books in the market. Keep in mind that this book has paved the way for numerous vertical jump experts.

What is BoingVert and How Does it Work?

It is arguably one of the best vertical jump training programs you will ever come across. This program promises to increase the vertical leap dramatically. Usually, this program uses a combination of two programs that include plyometric and Monster program.

While the Animal program will last for about 16 weeks, the Monster program will last for at least 11 weeks. You are supposed to take at least two or three weeks off between the two programs. What is the main reason behind this? This will maximize your results while at the same time allowing your body to fully recover.

First look

After you have login into the dashboard for the first time, you will see how clean the design is. You will not find a greeting video or even a short paragraph that welcome you aboard the program. But you can agree with me that is not a bad thing. The most important thing here is that the program gets right down to business. It must be a reliable program as long as the actual details of it are solid enough.

It is important to note that they had some more information before they recently updated the site. This includes numerous exercises with multiple categories. There are possibilities that the creators of this program simplified. Kindly be aware that for every package they offer, they have learn more section that is actually great. That is something you will love about their site.

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BoingVert Animal

The animal part of this program focusses in plyometric and body weight exercises. You will only be required to have a bench in this part. Additionally, you have the full freedom to do all your exercises in a park or even at home. Reading the Animal Philosophy manual is the first thing you should do when going through this program.

The 32 page eBook consists of the background of the program. It also shows the users the main factors for jumping higher. It gives you the general breakdown of what the program is about. The key essentials are discussed in this eBook. Some of the components you will find in this section include landing.

Additionally, the eBook talks about a few other aspects that have never been emphasized in other programs. It is in this part where you will find things like choosing the right footwear and the importance of training surface. You can go ahead and jump right into the nuts and bolts of the program after going through the big picture information in this eBook. You will definitely find the Animal Workout log helpful.

The different phases of the program have been laid out in this section. This section has also outlined the workouts for each day of the entire 16 weeks. There are six phases in the Animal program. Here are some of these phases with a short description:

General Body Preparation

You will be required to do exercises that will prepare your body for the stress during this phase. It prepares you for the stress you are going to endure in other stages. Typically, this stage focusses on improving skeletal strength. Therefore, you will be in a good position to perform the compound exercises safely.

Jump Mastery

It is at this stage where you will learn about correct movement patterns. These movement patterns will be crucial in determining the jumping ceiling. All your body muscles will be trained to be in complete synergy. This means that your body will be working towards jumping higher.

Force Absorption

It is the thirst phase of this amazing program. The exercises on this phase usually focus on the ability to absorb and stabilize the tremendous amounts of force that jumping requires. You should learn to absorb force. This is the key thing in this program according to the program author. This will in turn help you generate explosiveness.

Jump acceleration

It is one of the most important phases in this program. It has been included to build on the previous phases. Remember that the previous stages emphasize on stability and force absorption. How will you improve your jumping acceleration? You will be able to achieve this through an increased rate of force development.

Reactive Emphasis

Reactive strength is simply the ability to start and change direction while jumping. People have been claiming that it is one of the most difficult phases of this program. In this phase, you will be forced to push your body to the limit using intense plyometric exercises.

Jump Mastery

The highly regarded final phase is quite similar to phase two of this program. Normally, this phase revolves around improving jumping technique. It also focuses on overall efficiency. It plays a significant role in maximizing the gains that you have attained in the previous weeks. Besides helping you jump safely, it will help you avoid injuries. However, keep in mind that this phase is very demanding. Some of the weeks in this section have extremely heavy workloads.

boing vert review

BoingVert Monster

This program was designed in collaboration with Kelly. It has been designed to build on the Animal program by simply introducing strength based training. This will in turn maximize your vertical jump. This program contains four phases that go for about 11 weeks.

Adaptation and Activation

The first phase of the Monster program will prepare your body for rigorous weight training. It achieves this by gradually working on your muscles. Additionally, it will make your body get used to new movements with weight resistance.

General Strength

This phase focuses on building some basic weight room exercises. Additionally, it develops the foundation of strength. Keep in mind that this will be the basis for your next training.

Maximum Strength and power

You will be required to combine strength movements after you have become comfortable with the exercises. It is good to know that it will be the most demanding part of the Program. Fortunately, it will also be a beneficial stage.

Maximum power

In the last part of this Program, you should expect to notice the most benefits. In this phase, the intensity and the volume of the exercises will become lighter. After a while, your body will start to take advantage of the increased strength.

In this program, you will be required to train three times in a week. However, the intensity levels and focus will differ in each of the phase. There is limited information when it comes to the individual exercises of the Monster program. Do you know to follow the steps? All the steps for achieving this have been laid out clearly.

Method X

This part was added just recently. As for now, this program is going through experimental stages. People who have been lucky to have this program have praised it as a unique program that is worth trying. It is more of an experimental program. It is worth noting that this program was launched in April 2020.

It is said that the gains in this program are extreme in the testing stages. This is still on going. The creators are looking for something different that can work with many people. It is quite hard to find a program that adds anything new as this program does. According to Ryan, he believes that he has discovered a new and unique way to jump higher. You are required to turn your body into a whip. This enables you to snap off the ground.


You should consider purchasing this program simply because it comes with a lot of extra bonuses. Each package in this package has different bonuses. It is good to remember that the ANIMAL program is the one that comes with a limited amount while the other two have all of them.

Pros of this program

No gym equipment and fees required

One of the greatest things you will love about this program is that you don’t need to spend any extra money. Additionally, you should not worry if you don’t have access to gym equipment. This means that you don’t have to look for a gym membership. The creator of this program has included a separate program that does not require any sort of gym equipment. That must be very crucial keeping in mind that there is Corona.

Philosophy is in Depth

When it comes to vertical jump training, the creators of this program knew what they were doing. Their extensive knowledge can be seen throughout the popular program. Everything you should know has been explained in depth. You will be shown how the program works and why it works in a unique way. Additionally, you will get extra that you will never find in other vertical jump programs. Unlike some of the programs in the market, this program boasts of the right shoes and cooling down.


It is the main factor when many people prefer going to this program. You will always have a lot of flexibility to choose from when you consider purchasing this program. You will be given the rare option of picking between three different programs when you first purchase this program. You can get things done by just purchasing one of them. Some people prefer saving money and purchasing both of the main programs. When you do that, you will get all bonuses in this program and a discounted price. It would be better if you choose between a program that is designed to work with weights or without.


It is the most cost friendly when compared to other vertical jump programs out in the market. You can attest that it is very cheap if you have been able to purchase this program recently. The highest amount of money you will ever spend on this program is $30. This includes everything that has been included in the package.

Mobile friendly

It is no secret that everyone is running around with their phones. That is the reason it is important to get some sort of phone support. Out of all other vertical jump programs available in the market, this is the most mobile friendly. You should be guaranteed that it will be extra convenient for you. Everything in this program fits easily. Actually, it is like it was specifically made to be used on the phone.

Professional trainers

This program is quite simple. The highly loved vertical jump program has been made by professionals. You will be lucky to get a program that has been built by people with a reputation for being trainers. All the creators in this program have helped people achieve maximum potential.


There is nothing worse than purchasing a program from a company that offers poor support services. That is not the case with this program. You should rest assured that you are purchasing a program from friendly support. That being said, be guaranteed that the support is willing to provide you with any kind of help if you need it.

Detailed instructional videos

Besides being short, the instructional videos in this program are made to the point. You will have an easy time following the instructional videos simply because everything is up to date. However, some of the videos in this program are out of date. Recently, we have witnessed them updating the programs with the newest HD videos. They have also explained everything you should know well and in details.

Cons of this program

Unfinished program

One of the biggest issues with this program is that it feels more like an unfinished product. Although everything behind the program is excellent, everything seems to be scattered. It is important to know that there is so much going on. Despite having tons of information and solid exercises, you will still notice that it is not fully finished.

Extra long

Lengthy is another thing that the creator should try to correct in this program. It is quite hard to keep up with this program without getting injured. You will take more than seven months to fully complete this program.

Not enough explanation

Although the creators of this program have done a great job explaining other things, they have done a bad job explaining each individual exercise. It might not be too bad, but it does suck.

The Animal and Monster don’t work well together

They are not related in any way. In case you do one of them, you will be forced to try another. This means spending more money. You will feel like the monster program is like an add-on to the animal program.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, it is a good vertical jump program. You will never regret purchasing this amazing program. From a close look, you can see that indeed the creators of this program are knowledgeable about the vertical jump. We can recommend this program since the exercises and the programs are better presented. We hope that this review article will be helpful in the near future. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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