How to Build Muscles on a Vegetarian Diet?


Does a vegetarian diet affect muscle building? Will you achieve your target? Which vegetarian foods can supplement protein intake for you? Join me in searching for answers in this article.

Vegetarianism is a popular choice for health lovers. In previous articles, I mentioned the health benefits as well as the side effects of vegetarianism in recent posts. You will find out why more and more people have decided to become a vegetarian.

Probably for fitness lovers, finding meat substitutes to fill protein gaps – the key to building muscles is a challenge. So, can you continue to build muscles when you’re vegetarian and How? Scroll down to find your answer right here.


Building muscles for vegans are not too difficult

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Can You Build Muscles On a Vegan Diet?

Simply, yes.

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts (USA) have conducted a survey on nearly 3,000 people. These people are divided into six main groups based on their diet: fast food and fatty milk, fish, red meat, chicken, low-fat dairy and beans.

They received the same observation in terms of the physical, muscular, endurance of bone to compare the differences. The results showed that those who consumed a considerable amount of protein possessed more muscle mass and durable bones than others.

Surprisingly, people who receive protein from beans and cereals are as healthy and supple as those who receive protein from meats.

Some previous studies have suggested that vegetarians must supplement a lot of vitamins. They must face the lack of many nutrients which are available in meat. Currently, they can rest assured that the problem no longer interferes with their diet.

Proteins are known as nutritional ingredients to help muscles grow and strengthen. Yet, we can supply proteins from a variety of sources, which provide the same effect as animal protein, such as cereals and plants.

Moreover, the higher the age is, the lower the ability is to absorb protein from the meat. So the supply of protein from the grains will help maintain health. Many studies in the world show that in areas where grains consumption is high, the incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis is less conventional.

Therefore, you should reduce the amount of animal protein from red meat and dairy products. Increasing the amount of protein from plants, grains, will increase life expectancy.


Fitness lovers can still be a vegetarian

Vegan Workout Guideline

For bodybuilders, it is tempting to try out the exercises listed in the fitness magazine. The sad news is that the vegan has a lifestyle and menu that is not suitable intensive workout.

The critical thing you should remember is to keep the exercise lasting less than 45 minutes. The best time is from 30 to 35 minutes.

For those who want to practice cardio, let’s practice 2 to 3 sessions within 15 to 20 minutes. Practice with low intensity every week if you have other bodybuilding exercises. Besides, running on a treadmill will be a great option.

To get the best results, remember to keep the intensity and frequency low. Also, keep a habit of drinking juice 20 minutes before practicing cardio. You will get more energy during practice.

For weightlifting, remember:

✔ Keep practicing for less than 45 minutes.

✔ Perform 3 to 4 exercises for large muscle groups and 2 to 3 for smaller muscle groups.

✔ Should be between 4-and-6 repetitions for core postures (bench press, deadlift, and squats) and 6-to-10 for all other postures.

Workout split:

There are many different ways to split bodybuilding exercises. Splitting exercises are vital for you to balance your workout as well as get the best results. Below is the routine of a fitness enthusiast and a well-known blogger – Jeremy Lapro which I think is appropriate for both men and women:

● Sunday: Off
● Monday: Chest & Triceps
● Tuesday: Back & Biceps
● Wednesday: Off
● Thursday: Legs & Abs
● Friday: Shoulders & Traps
● Saturday: Off

For men:

● Monday: Chest
● Tuesday: Back
● Wednesday: Shoulders
● Thursday: Legs
● Friday: Arms/Abs
● Saturday/Sunday: Off


Having a reasonable exercise regime will save you much more time

What Should You Eat And Drink To Build Muscles On A Vegan Diet?

The traditional diet menu is rich in protein from steak, eggs, salmon, shake and chicken. Those are the best things if you eat meat. However, if you are one of those who ingest plants, what should you consume during meals?

Perhaps you are familiar with these comments when you’re on a diet. “Do you need iron and calcium supplements? Where do you get the protein? How do you receive enough nutrients from such a diet?” You’re no longer patient enough to answer any more!

It’s inevitable that you can make a mistake when building a vegetarian diet. A significant number of vegetarians don’t study the nutritional components of their menu dishes carefully. That makes them lack essential nutrients for the body like proteins and vitamins.

However, you can still return to the right track. So, what should you eat? What should you drink? What do you need to add to your diet?

The ideal vegetarian breakfast for bodybuilders is egg and milk. Nonetheless, some vegetarians are abstaining both eggs and milk. So milk made from beans and cereals are the best solutions for them.

After exercising, it is normal for your muscles to ache. At this time, the body needs to consume a certain amount of protein to help repair and rebuild muscle fibers.

There are many quality vegetarian foods that can replace meat in your diet. Here are some typical protein-rich foods that are ideal for your bodybuilding:

✔ Quinoa: NASA uses this food on space flights. Quinoa has a high nutrient content such as fiber, iron, magnesium, and manganese. You can replace rice daily with Quinoa if you want and it can also make many different dishes like jam.

✔ Buckwheat: For every 100g of buckwheat, we will have 13.2g of protein. What a considerable number! It also can improve circulation, lower blood cholesterol, and control blood sugar.

✔ Soybean: Among different types of beans, protein in soybeans has the highest rate. This bean deserves to be a rival of meat. Soy milk or tofu are two of the bean’s most popular products.

✔ Spirulina: In 100 grams of spirulina contains 57 grams of protein. Spirulina is a type of microalgae that has a green spiral pattern. The protein content of this algae is three times higher than beef and twice as much as soybeans.

For drinks, don’t consume soda. Instead, drink nutritious beverages like smoothies. If you want a lighter drink, choose water, tea or some juices. Also, a high-protein shake is an integral part of your menu.


Following a sensible diet will help you maximize your fitness results

To draw the conclusion…

You absolutely can pursue bodybuilding while going on a vegan diet. Moreover, there are many choices in the daily menu to supplement protein for your muscle. If you choose to be vegan, don’t change it too early. Perseverance will bring you to success with a beautiful body and a healthy lifestyle.


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