Can Ping Pong Tables Stay Outside? You Had Better Know The Answer!

Can Ping Pong Tables Stay Outside? You Had Better Know The Answer!

You are crazy about ping pong and have a table in your garden to practice. But are you sure that you have a proper one? Read this article to have some interesting facts!

In competitions, ping pong is an indoor sport. Even a slight wind might affect the trajectory, speed, and direction of the balls. So it’s not viable to have an outside ping pong tournament.

However, people still play ping pong in the park, schoolyard and other recreational areas for fun. They even practice in the garden in their houses.

So the question is whether a ping pong table can be left outside over time or not. What characteristic does it need and how does the weather affect it? Keep reading to know more!

Can ping pong tables stay outside?

Yes, absolutely!

This question seems to be very easy to answer, and I have to affirm it right away to you. Of course, if you can play ping pong in the open air, you should have a table for those activities.

But don’t get me wrong, I am mentioning the products which have the unique properties that suit for outside conditions.

And you know what? It’s so different from bringing an indoor table to a yard and playing with it.

An outdoor ping pong table

So how can a ping pong table stay outside? I can’t wait to share this with you in details!

Outdoor ping pong tables


A table used for playing outside is highly durable and resistant to many factors. Most of them are made from a combination of wood and metal, along with a protection class.

Aluminum composite is very common to use as the table materials. It offers protection against warping and natural wearing. It also makes a table have the quality to be able to deal with the ever-changing weather.

Melamine, plywood resin are other materials used for making outdoor tables. The most qualified can be galvanized steel undercarriages, with net, posts, and top surface all weatherproof.

The leg frames are pretty stable which have the powder-coated metal and can be even rust-resistant.

Also, the lockable casters on the wheels provide more stability to ensure that your ping pong table remains fixed during the game. The trolley wheels will make the handling and transportation smooth for you.

Indoor vs. Outdoor ping pong table

With the naked eyes, you can see outdoor tables are similar to indoor ones. They both have the same standard size, width, and height, and the nets also have the same dimensions.

The most significant difference is the materials. Indoor tables are typically solid wood. The outdoors are wood combined with metal, and they need a coating to protect them from sun, rain, and wind. Besides, they come with sturdier frames which may add extra cost.

The ball will bounce higher on an indoor table compared to an outdoor one due to their materials. In other words, the indoor table provides more precise bounce, so in all formal competitions, we always use it.

However, if you don’t focus on this issue, you probably won’t notice the difference.


The outdoor tables consist of all-weather components, so you can set them up and have a play during rainy as well as sunny day.  They are simple to install and adjust, and you can fold up for storage.

With the high durability, you can use it play both indoors and outdoors. The steel legs with the molded levelers also help you protect the flooring from the scratches.


The metal which is the table material might affect the bounce since the table surface absorbs more energy from the ball, leading to a lower bounce and speed. However, it’s not a big deal for some players.

You should consider the slightly heavier weight and higher price as other drawbacks of an outdoor ping pong table.

Outdoor ping pong tables can be flexibly used in inside. But is the opposite true?

Can I take an indoor table outside?

No, you should never do that.

The wood surface of an indoor table can badly deteriorate if it gets wet or exposed to too much sunlight. Many people do it for a while and think it’s a good idea, but after a few hours exposed to the sunlight, your table can warp. Although you can hardly see the warping, it will affect the movement of the ball.

The frame is not as sturdy as that of an outdoor table, and it cannot stand firmly on a slightly uneven surface. If you deliberately bring it out, you’re damaging your table.


All of the outdoor tables are very durable that can be left out of day and night in all weather conditions, including sun, rain, frost, and snow. They also offer you the flexibility to use them both inside and outside.

However, they will not last forever if you forget to protect them. I recommend buying a cover and always keeping it as dry as possible, as water can cause the wood warp ruins.

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