Custom Keto Diet Review: All That You Need To Know

Custom Keto Diet
Custom Keto Diet
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A custom keto diet is simply a program that provide you with everything you need for eight weeks. This diet is based on the keto diet principles. It is good to know that a custom keto diet comes with numerous advantages to it than disadvantages. Usually, this diet focuses on eating healthy and wholesome foods. 

Over the years, it has been discovered that most people fail when starting a new diet. The main reason behind this is that they try to do so without a comprehensive plan. Keep in mind that planning to make a diet change requires a lot of time and research. The custom keto diet will do all the hard work for you and prepare you with a two months action plan on your body, lifestyle, and food preferences. 

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Who created the custom keto diet? 

This program was created by one of the most successful dieticians and fitness experts. Similar to other people, Rachel Roberts struggled with weight and common health issues. That’s what made her come up with her own plan after unsuccessful attempts. 

According to Rachel Roberts, a healthy lifestyle begins with healthy eating. The well-known dietician devoted all her work experience in developing this diet. She did not know that the plan she devised after numerous attempts would garner a lot of success.

How does a custom keto diet work? 

Before starting the custom keto diet, you should answer a few questions. What is the purpose of the questionnaire? It will help you to gather crucial information that you can use to create a personalized plan. Additionally, it will provide you with information on nutrition and several cookbooks.

It is important to note that this diet comes with many helpful details. You should follow each detail with no fuss and muss. Furthermore, your day should consist of three meals. The best thing about this diet is that you are provided with recipes for each of these meals. That being said, you don’t need to do any sort of research.

Away from that, you will be given the amount of the meal that you will be eating daily. All that you need to know is that everything has been considered. Also, they will match the goals you are trying to achieve. Therefore, you will not be required to make any sacrifices on your quest. 


Besides telling you what to do, the highly regarded custom keto diet highlights the reasons for doing that. It will provide you with valid reasons why every aspect of the plan was chosen for you. With that in mind, you can utilize the program long term. What do I mean? It clearly shows you how you can incorporate other essential eating habits. 

Are you wondering whether you will enjoy the foods that have been specified for you? Be guaranteed that you will definitely enjoy them all. You have the freedom to switch the meals you find not pleasing. 

It is also important to note that all the menus and diet details are simple. This means that you will always have an easy time following them. All the recipes in this custom keto diet come with detailed instructions, photos, and portion sizes. The developer has also included useful tips that are very helpful in executing everything in the schedule perfectly.

What does the custom keto diet include?

After you have made your purchase of a custom keto diet online, you can go on and download it to your mobile device or even computer. Therefore, you will always have it whenever you go. You will find things such as an introduction to the keto diet. In addition, you will have a rare chance to know how the keto genic diet works and the benefits it comes with.  

If that is not yet enough, they have included a segment that shows the relationship between the ketogenic diet and blood pressure. What’s more has the developer included in this diet? You will come across a bunch of keto tips and hacks. Away from that, you will receive the following:

  • Keto Desserts.
  • Keto cookies.
  • Fast recipes.
  • Keto bacon recipes.
  • Keto fat bombs.
  • Keto peanut butter threats.


How much does the custom keto diet cost?

The most notable thing about the custom keto diet is that it is super affordable. There are numerous weight loss plans available in the market that costs an arm and a leg. But that is not the case with a custom keto diet. This custom diet goes for about $37. You can attest that it must be extremely cost effective and guaranteed to provide excellent results within a short period of time.

In case you want to purchase a custom keto diet, you can visit the official website. Before purchasing your product, it is good to keep in mind that it comes with a 60 day money guarantee. This means that you can return it to the manufacturer if you are not pleased with the quality. You will never find a reliable keto based diet than a custom keto diet.


Why go for a custom keto diet?

In this section, we will highlight the numerous reasons why you should consider a custom keto diet. 

All natural and safe

It is the first thing you should know when using a custom keto diet. It is completely based on natural foods. Therefore, you will forget about the foods that incorporate additives and other harmful chemicals. Additionally, it is worth noting that a keto-genic diet is a reliable approach to people who want to lose weight. 

You will not find anything radical about this diet if you compare it with other weight reduction strategies. Putting you in control of your progress is another admirable thing about this custom keto diet comes with. You can lose as many pounds as you would like without altering your wellbeing. It is very different from harmful pills sold in the market that you take without knowing the consequences. 

Simple and nutritious

It is arguably one of the simplest weight loss approaches. You will find out that everything is laid out in such a way that you don’t need to worry about making mistakes. All that you need to do is to follow the schedule that is provided and afterwards follow instructions.

Nowadays, people consider custom keto diet as a healthy approach to weight loss. You don’t have to bypass food or anything related to that. It is made on unique optimal nutrition. Furthermore, it comes with easy to read charts. These charts are very helpful in highlighting the nutritional value of each meal.

Plenty of choices

Do you know the reason why many people don’t like going on diet plans is that some of them dictate the food they eat? You don’t have to worry about liking the taste of food when you have a keto-genic diet simply because you have a wide variety of foods to choose from. If you come across a food you hate or you just don’t eat at that specific time, then you can swap it with the numerous alternatives in this diet. You will never be forced to eat food you don’t like. You are in full control of the entire schedule.

Another thing that you should know about this diet is that all the recipes can be prepared at home. You will definitely be pleased and proud of your creations when you sit down at the dinner table to have the food you have made with your hands. 

All inclusive plan

A custom keto diet has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last couple of years being an all-inclusive weight loss plan. You don’t have to spend extra money purchasing your weekly groceries after paying for this custom keto diet. If you have used other common plans, you can attest that it is not the same. Most of them require a periodical subscription fee.

Good for blood sugar

The high fat diet will help you to stabilize blood sugar levels. Actually, the high carb programs will result in serious spikes and drops in blood sugar. With that in mind, it is the ideal choice if you constantly have blood sugar problems. A custom keto diet can also stop you from developing headache symptoms. 

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Final thoughts

Is a custom keto diet worth it? It is absolutely worth it. However, you need to consult your personal doctor before attempting a custom keto diet. He or she will advise whether it is optimal for you. It is also good to stress that going on a keto-genic diet is not as easy as it may look. You will not like it during its initial stage, but if you have the will and determination, you will get excellent results in a short period of time. We hope that you find this information helpful in the future. Do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! 


Custom Keto Diet

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Custom meal plan service was designed to help men and women all over the world turn their lives around and take charge of their health and figure.

The custom keto diet is a brand new product that allows someone to create their very own keto diet plan based on their food preferences, daily activity levels, height, weight and target weight goals.

Using scientific research and proven studies to create personalised ketogenic diet plans that maximise fat burning via the correct calories and macronutrients for each individual.

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