Eat Stop Eat Review: Does It Work For Weight Loss? 

Eat Stop Eat
Eat Stop Eat
Eat Stop Eat
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In the last couple of years, the concept of intermittent fasting has been taking the health and wellness world by storm. Renowned researchers all over the world have discovered that engaging in short term fasting may be simple but an effective way to shed off unwanted weight. Additionally, they have suggested that it may improve metabolic health.

In general, intermittent fasting sounds totally doable and miserable. Basically, you will be instructed to stay long periods of time without eating anything. While at times you will spend more than 24 hours without consuming anything, other days you will take 16 hours. It all depends on your plan. When you do eat, you can eat anything that your heart desires. 

There have emerged numerous ways to implement intermittent fasting into your routine, but one of the most popular methods is known as Eat Stop Eat. 

eat stop eat review

What is Eat Stop Eat Diet?

This diet was founded by Brad Pilon. It is good to know that Brad came up with Eat Stop Eat while he was doing his research. By then, he was at a short term fasting at the University of Guelph. It is also important to note that Brad wrote a book on the diet in the year 2007. However, the book was not published until 2017. 

What does Eat Stop Eat consist of? It is all about fasting for at least 24 hours. You are required to fast twice in a week. From there, you should eat responsibly for the remaining five days. Keep in mind that it is not necessarily dieting.


Additionally, you are advised to have three meals in a day. After a while, you will notice significant results as long as you are eating responsibly while at the same time keeping your overall intake in check. You can eat any pattern of meals that works for you.

In his book, the popular researcher does not make the distinction. You are not supposed to eat something every day. 

How it is done?

It is relatively straightforward to implement the Eat Stop Eat Diet. You are required to choose one of two non-consecutive days a week. You are instructed to abstain from eating during these two days. You can eat freely during the remaining six days of the week. It is advisable to make sensible food choices. With that in mind, you should avoid consuming more than your body needs. 

You will eat something on each calendar although it seems counterintuitive. For example, if you are fasting from 10 a.m. Wednesday until 10 a.m. on Thursday, kindly make sure that you eat a prior meal to 10 a.m. on Friday. In this way, you will have fasted for a full 24 hours. 

As you start the Eat Stop Eat diet, your body should be hydrated properly. Make sure that you have taken a lot of water. Alternatively, you can consider taking other types of calorie free beverages such as sweetened coffee or tea.

Benefits of Eat Stop Eat Diet

Do you know that weight loss is one of the major reasons why people are implementing intermittent fasting? There are several documented studies that have clearly evaluated Eat Stop Eat for weight loss. It is good to learn that there is mounting evidence that suggests that prolonged fasting may support weight loss efforts for some people.


Calorie deficit

It is the first and arguably the most obvious way that Eat Stop Eat may promote weight loss. Are you aware that weight loss requires you to consume fewer calories than you burn? You are advised to apply this diet properly. If that is done as required, Eat Stop Eat can set you up for two days’ worth of a calorie deficit. This may result in weight loss over time. That being said, you should follow it with the aim of burning more calories. Research is still being done to prove whether restricting calories is more effective for reducing weight. 

Metabolic shifts

Certain metabolic shifts have been associated with drastic weight loss. Usually, the metabolic shifts occur when your body is in a fasted state. Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred fuel source. Carbohydrates will be broken down into usable forms of energy known as glucose. Most people will burn glucose they have stored in their bodies after fasting for at least 36 hours. Afterward, they will start using fat as an energy source. This metabolic state is popularly referred to as ketosis.

Although the claims are yet to be proved, earlier research has shown that prolonged fasting may cause fat utilization. This is done in a unique way that traditional dieting strategies can’t. We have limited data on this potential benefit. From a close look, there is a significant variability on how quickly people transit into ketosis.

There are less chances that everyone will reach ketosis after fasting for 24 hours. Renowned researchers are still doing more research on this. In time, we will be able to know how metabolic changes occur on an Eat Stop Eat diet. These metabolic changes may influence fat reduction and overall weight loss efforts.

Possible downsides

The fasting practices in this diet are safer for most adults. However, it is good to consider potential downsides if you really want to try it out. 

Insufficient nutrient intake

There are some few people who might find it a tough task meeting all their nutrition needs on the Eat Stop Eat diet. It is very rare for people to think of food in terms of calories when it comes to dieting. But you might be aware that food is much more than calories. Food is also an important source of vitamin and minerals. It comes with other beneficial compounds that support your most vital bodily functions.

You should pay attention to the food you eat if you are following the Eat Stop Eat diet. You should make sure that you always have adequate protein, minerals and vitamins throughout the diet. Do you have high nutritional demands? Are you struggling to eat enough food to meet your needs? If you answer any of these questions to be yes, then removing two days’ worth of food will contribute to insufficient nutrient intake.

Low blood sugar

You will come across some people who use intermittent fasting diets such as Eat Stop Diet to improve blood sugar. Additionally, it is a reliable way for insulin sensitivity. Nowadays, it is very easy to maintain blood sugar levels during the 24 hour fasting periods. However, that might not be the case with everyone. 

For some people, such as those who live with diabetes, they may experience dangerous blood sugar drops if they stay for extended periods without food. This can be life threatening. You should ask for help from your medical expert if you take blood sugar medications or you have any medical conditions that may cause poor sugar regulation. 

Hormonal changes

There are possibilities that the fasting practices encouraged by the Eat Stop Eat may cause metabolic and hormone production. It is quite hard to predict such hormonal changes. This may be due to the lack of human research. 

Some hormonal shifts may lead to positive health benefits. While such hormonal shifts have been associated with improved fertility, they may still cause negative effects such as inadequate hormone production. This diet is not recommended for pregnant women because of the mixed data and limited total evidence. Additionally, you should avoid it if you are trying to conceive or breastfeeding. Do you have a history of irregular dysregulation? In that case, you should ask your personal doctor for advice before starting an Eat Stop Diet.

The psychological impact of restrictive eating

When using fasting as a weight loss aid, you will experience dietary freedom. There could be a negative psychological impact after such eating patterns. Fasting is a major cause of irritability and volatile moods. Additionally, it has been associated with reduced libido. 


For a long time now, people who practice fasting has been saying that mood issues arise when you are not dedicated to your fasting. However, these claims are yet to be proved. Away from that, fasting may cause disordered eating behaviors. The most common disordered behaviors include obsessive thoughts and bingeing. That is the reason people with a tendency towards developing these behaviors are advised to go for Eat Stop Eat. 

Will Eat Stop Eat work for you?

As for now, there is sufficient evidence to validate the indeed Eat Stop Eat is an effective weight loss method for everyone. Weight loss is a complex process that can be unique to each person. There are numerous factors besides calorie intake that may affect your ability to lose or gain weight. 


Eat Stop Eat has emerged as a popular form of intermittent fasting whereby you will fast for 24 hours twice in a week. We hope that this information will help you in the future. If you have any questions regarding the above content, feel free to ask our team. Thanks!  


Eat Stop Eat

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Eat Stop Eat: a permanent solution to control your weight

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