5 Tips on How To Clean Ping Pong Paddle

5 Tips on How To Clean Ping Pong Paddle

Having tried many methods but still do not know the best way to clean your ping pong paddle? Check out the article below to get all the tips!

Serious ping pong players are known to be a bit picky when it comes to their equipment.

They often spend many hours testing the table tennis bats to decide on the best ping pong paddle to choose.

Once you have found the ping pong paddle you like, how do you make sure that it stays in good condition for as long as possible? That is when the subject of how to clean ping pong paddles comes up.

Have you ever tried these ineffective methods?

I used to wash my ping pong paddle with a small stream of water. But when doing that, the water will flow to the side of the board. I think this kind of washing will break the sponge sooner or later.

Therefore, I try scrubbing the ping pong paddle with my hands while washing it with a water stream. However, the water will still go to the side.

Since I did not think cloth can be used to dry the rubber, I let it dry naturally after washing it with water. But you know what? There are traces after drying.

To thoroughly clean ping pong paddle, you need to use suitable methods

How about using a paper towel to dry it? It’s not a good idea since there will be a small piece of powder left on the anti-adhesive surface.

Using detergent with rubber does not seem to be a good way, too.

So what should we do?

How to clean ping pong paddles?

Using your breath

The first method we recommend is pretty simple. It is free and probably the best way during a match. You can see a lot of pros doing this because of its simplicity and convenience.

All you need to do is breathing heavily on the rubber and wipe it off with your hand. This will temporarily clean your ping pong paddle.

It is the quickest, easiest and obviously the cheapest way but not the best way so let’s check out other methods!

Clean ping pong paddle rubber with alcohol

The things you need are:

  • A small bowl
  • Distilled water
  • Sponge
  • Alcohol

First of all, fill the bowl with some distilled water at room temperature. Put some drops of alcohol into the water. Dip a small piece of the sponge onto it.

Take an adequate amount of liquid by squeezing and make it wet enough to pick up dust and dirt. Remember not to use too much mixture as it will make a swell to the rubber.

Next, hold the paddle by the handle with one side facing towards the floor. Begin with one edge of the surface and wipe the wet sponge from the base to top of the ping pong paddle. Softly clean it in one direction until the dirt vanishes.

Repeat the wiping over the whole ping pong paddle to clean it up as much as possible.

Turn it to the other side and do the same.

Keep the ping pong paddle for some time (2-3 minutes) in a dry place to remove its wetness. Otherwise, it will cause the rubber tacky.

Finally, put the racket into the case or its packet dry to help it stay in good shape for a long time.

This way quickly and effectively wipe out all dust and dirt. However, it will accelerate the aging of the rubber and gradually decrease its viscosity and elasticity.

Washing ping pong paddle with water

It is an effective way to clean the ping pong paddle.

Use a soft cloth or sponge, apply some water, and gently rub the rubber to remove the dust on the surface. This method is commonly known as “washing the board.”

Soft cloth causes no damage to the rubber

Wait for two or three minutes. After the water on the rubber is completely dry, put back the ping pong paddle in its cover with a zipper seal.

Although this way is convenient and straightforward, there are some notes you should take notice. If the water is absorbed in the sponge, it will seriously affect the life and performance of the sponge. If it is on the board, it will make the board damp and even cause deformation.

Using special rubber cleaning agent to clean ping pong paddle

Rubber Cleaner is a specialized liquid for cleaning any surface made of rubber. All you need to do is wringing out the liquid and rubbing the surface of the rubber. It is best to use the matching rubber sponge when scrubbing.

We recommend line-free towels or bamboo towels since they slow the rubber aging and do not shed hair.

After wiping with a slightly damp cloth, continue wiping it with a dry rag, before putting the ping pong paddle back in its cover. You can purchase rubber cleaners and rubber sponges at sports stores.

Using this way, you can clean you ping pong paddle without fear of affecting the sponge and the rubber. It can keep the rubber sticky and elastic for a long time and prolong the use time.

Using dust removal

Butterfly foam-cleaner

This foam-cleaner has an electrostatic dust removal function. However, it does not clean thoroughly so there will be a small amount of residue.

Using butterfly foam clean is an effective way to clean ping pong paddle

Scotch plastic

It is the most thorough and perfect dust removal method, but it is also the most troublesome.

After washing the rubber, you have to wait for the water to dry. Tear a section of scotch plastic down, and let it stick to dust. By this way, the handling of the ping pong paddle will be clean.

In summary

There are many methods to get your ping pong paddle clean, each of which has its own pros and cons. However, using water and rubber cleaner or dust removal are the most effective and convenient ways we would highly recommend!

Hope the tips above will make it easier for you to keep your ping pong paddle clean and staying in good condition.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask!

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