Is Ping Pong Good Exercise? (Discover The Answer Here!)

Is Ping Pong Good Exercise? (Discover The Answer Here!)

Ping pong might be your favorite sport. But do you know how great this sport benefits you? Keep reading!

Ping pong is also considered an official sport, distinguished from table tennis. It can be a source of sheer enjoyment and a form of extreme cardio if you keep it as an everyday habit.

Whatever your playing style is, indoor or outdoor courts or even in your home basement, ping pong is a rapid way to shed off your calories and get your more fit.

Why don’t you play ping pong at least 30 minutes per day?

30-Minute Everyday Practice. Why not?

A Ping pong club

Playing Ping Pong can burn more calories than walking briskly with the same amount of time. It is much more interesting than the repeated movements of walking or the monotony of weight lifting. The point is you can both have fun and burn energy at the same time.

All you need to prepare is a ping pong ball and paddles, then find an indoor court and schedule your time to have 30 minutes of everyday training for yourself.

When you have improved, the calories burned will be even higher. Not only that, when your body is getting used to regular exercise, it will still burn energy even when you’re not playing.

But I am sure that you still don’t believe this is a fantastic sport without understanding its seven great benefits below.

Top 7 great benefits Ping pong brings to you

#1 Train yourself for flexible hand-eye coordination

It can stimulate your mental alertness and improve your concentration. If you get up every morning and feel lethargic, or get distracted when you are working, ping pong will help you overcome your problem. Why?

It is because ping pong requires high attention and quick reflexes. Creating a habit for this will help you have excellent skills in life.

#2 Develop the mental acuity

If you’ve ever played chess or puzzle, you’ll know that when we join the game, our brains work a lot to capture the signs, analysis and judge situations to come up with conclusions.

Likewise, in ping pong, keeping up with speed in games, mastering the skills of hitting a ball and observing the replacement of the ball can also boost your brain power.

#3 Improve reflexes

Due to the high-speed and short-distance nature of this sport, both gross and fine muscle movements are enhanced. So that ping pong is a good exercise for exertion and recovery, leading to fast-twitch muscle development.

#4 It is good for joints

Have you had knee surgery, back pain, or annoyed of twisting your ankles? Try Ping pong. It’s an effective way to work your legs and arms without overburden your joints.

#5 Burn energy and Keep fit

Ping pong is an intense activity. As you run around and race, it can be beneficial for your health and weight-loss efforts. But you might wonder how many calories an hour of playing ping pong could burn.

According to Health Status, a 150-pound person can burn off 414 calories, whereas a 190-pound person might burn 524 calories if he plays ping pong for one hour. This calorie-burning potential will influence you and your weight.

If you play at least 30 minutes per day, you will see an improvement in your overall fitness.

#6 Offer social relationship

You always need a partner in every ping pong match. So what if you can’t have any friends go with you? Sure, there will be a lot of people like you, and you guys could build a relationship from these matches.

#7 Escape from your working life

Stressful work takes you a lot of time and makes you tired of sitting for hours to handle it. So in ping pong game, you will not have to think about uncompleted reports or contracts within one or two hours. Instead, be joyous with your ball and friends.

The proper way to exercise with playing ping pong

How to avoid injuries in playing ping-pong

Start with the most comfortable posture. You should be aware that your legs, buttocks, and abdominals will strain a lot while playing. So if you have some sorts of aches, take a break before keep going. Don’t try to suffer.

Ping pong will strengthen not only your muscles but also your heart and lungs. With such a physical activity, make sure to stretch beforehand. That will be essential for avoiding injuries and improving your footwork while moving around.  Besides, you would have a greater sense of satisfaction.

Before playing the actual game, bat the ball back and forth to get your blood flowing and your muscles loose. That will increase your flexibility as well. And also, doing this during short breaks or after finishing will help your body cool down at a healthy rate and reduce soreness.

Keep your breathing steady and rhythmic while playing. If your body is no longer flexible as a young person, you should avoid sudden changes in position. But don’t worry, if you warm up properly, be confident to play.

Final thoughts

So there, you have a friendly game that can help you reduce excess fat in your body, improve motor skills, have a good shape and relax. Ping pong is a really good exercise for everyone. It’s easy to play but have lots of benefits. So, what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave it below. We will be pleased to answer them. And don’t forget to like and share this article if you think it’s useful and informative.

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