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10 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles and Rackets – Top Picks and Reviews


Ping pong has been a very entertaining sport regardless of whether you are taking part in completion or just having fun with friends and family. You, however, cannot play ping-pong without a paddle, right?

Owning a ping pong paddle is one thing but owning an expensive ping pong is an awesome idea ever! You will surely get a good quality paddle which proves to be great value for your money. Moreover, you will up your game and friends will always want to play at your house.



Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

However, there are very many ping pong paddles that exist on the market, and this can prove to be a difficult task in when trying to look for the best available paddle. Firstly, there are some factors to consider before choosing a paddle. This includes

• Level of profession that is, whether you are a beginner, intermediary or professional player

• Ratings of the bat regarding speed, spin, and control

• Material used to make the paddle

No need to worry, we have taken the initiative of researching on the top ten best and expensive paddles for you, so you may avoid the hustle of looking for the best in the market.


Table of Contents

Most Expensive Ping Pong PaddleProduct summaryReviews of 10 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles1. Killerspin jet 8002. STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket3. Butterfly Zhang Jike super ZLC4. Jun Mizutani Paddle5. Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC6. Butterfly Zhang Jike T50007. STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket8. DHS HURRICANE II9. Killerspin Kido 5A RTG Table Tennis Racket10. Butterfly Andrzej Grubba FL BladeImproving val​​​​ue of this paddlesConclusion

Product summary

1. Killerspin jet 800

Has the following features

• 7-plywood blade and two carbon layers and also 2.0mm Nitrx-4Z high tension rubbers.

• The Dual Carbon Technology

• It also has a wooden side tape.

• The paddle has a flared handle that allows for a proper grip

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2. STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket

Has the following features

• 6-Ply Blade, Future Inverted Rubber, and 2mm Sponge

• It is very light (4.6 ounces).

• The paddle has its rubber glued to the blade in an inverted fashion.

• The performance ratings are; Speed: 90 Spin: 92 Control: 89

• Uses a unique crystal technology that hardens its surface

• The handle is made of Italian anatomic

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3. Butterfly Zhang Jike super ZLC

• It is the very first model produced by Butterfly that uses ZLC technology.

• It comes with a super ZL carbon fiber technology

• Rubber is made of Bryce High Speed 2.1

• Has a thin top sheet allowing more contact between the ball and the rubber surface

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4. Jun Mizutani super ZLC

This is another great bat produced by Butterfly Company. This model gets its name from the great Japanese player Jun Mizutani.

• It uses the ZLC technology in making the blade

• The model has a more significant sweet spot

• It has a thicker and softer outer

• It provides excellent stability and control

So what are the differences between Zhang Jike ZLC and Jun Mizutani ZLC?

• The Jun Mizutani is heavier (95g) compared to Zhang Jike which weighs 90g.

• The Zhang Jike is comparably larger than Jun Mizutani.

• Jun Mizutani has a greater sweet spot compared to the Zhang Jike ZLC.

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5. Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC

• It is made of a combination of Arylate and Carbon in an interwoven manner.

• The blade is versatile in that you can combine it with any rubber.

• It has a thicker handle that provides great grip and comfort when using it.

Apart from the material used in construction, the following are the differences between Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC and Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC

• ZLC is fast compared to ALC

• ZLC’s Paddle has a hard feel while ALC’s paddle has a softer feel

• ALC is best with spin, control and speed compared to ZLC

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6. Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000

• It has 5-ply layers

• model is for attack style of play,

• made using TAMCA 5000 technology.

• Light, strong and thin elastic design of the paddle

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7. STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

• Made of two carbon layer technology that makes it rigid

• The paddle comes with a technology which offers tighter bond in the rubber and having a thin sponge

• The blade is light.

• You can easily change the rubber in the paddle

• Wider sweet spot

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8. DHS hurricane II

• This paddle is all-round making it suitable for leisure play and also competitive play.

• It is made of a combination of rubber and wood.

• . The surface of the paddle is dimpled

• .This paddle has a larger blade.

• The handle is long and is made of wood

• The plastic cover fitted over the rubber enhances its durability

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9. Butterfly Andrzej Grubba FL Blade

• This paddle can produce attacking shots with accurate placement

• It has a flared handle that is wood all-round

• It uses Sriver-EL rubber that is all-round rubber enhancing speed and spin

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10. Killerspin Kido 5A RTG Table Tennis Racket

• This paddle uses Nitrix 4Z rubber

• The handle can either be straight or flared.

• The 5-wood ply The Kido 5A RTG makes it best for completion and a dynamic all-around game.

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Reviews of 10 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

1. Killerspin jet 800

Looking to be a competitive player? Then this might prove to be the best paddle for you. The dual carbon technology used to make this paddle is interesting, and I can confidently say it hasn’t disappointed me. It can absorb powerful shots from a challenger making you have accurate returns. The paddle was also able to produce topspin shots and some advanced tricks during the game.

The Wooden side tape proves to be important in protecting the paddle and also preserves the energy you create to produce more powerful shots. When using it, the paddle did not slide off from the hand thanks to its flared handle.

Killerspin jet 800

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The racket has greater power and can counter heavy spin shots from your opponent and give you an edge over your competitor. Moreover, the paddle has been approved by the ITTF. You need not worry about control because the paddle has a unique design that gives you control regardless of if you are using your right or left hand.

The handle is also ergonomic, increasing the play time without creating any discomfort to the hand.

The quality of your game will improve by using this paddle.

The paddle has an outer rubber that helps you get the correct spin


  • checkIt can be used by professional players
  • checkThe paddles handle a good grip preventing the paddle from sliding during a game
  • checkProvides more control


  • It is recommended for players who want control rather than power

This paddle has a very good design that makes it important for ping pong players who are interested aggressive or competitive. It can be used during competitions because it is ITTF approved. However, it is more useful for players who want control.

Buy Killerspin jet 800 Now

2. STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket

The bat is very light, weighing less than 6 ounces when I bought it and this has helped me in my game. It has indeed increased the rate of recovery after every stroke. The unique crystal technology is awesome. It makes the paddle’s surface hard, and this makes the bat increase speed. To top this up, it has a very smooth finish on the shaft and cool, unique colors. The rubber is glued firmly to the blade making it hard to peel off and therefore increasing its durability.

Stiga supreme is more fit for a beginner or any defensive-minded player because it is good for serving, back-spinning, chopping. It has also been approved by the ITTF, therefore, can be used in a completion.

STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket

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  • checkIt is good at serving, back-spinning, and chopping during a game
  • checkProvides a very excellent control
  • checkThe paddle has a great grip and does not slide off your hand


  • The light nature comes with a disadvantage in that it can break easily, especially when banged severally
  • It is too light for the offensive player who is interested in loops and top-spins
  • exclamation-circleThis paddle is mostly recommended for beginners who want to go professional in ping pong.
  • exclamation-circleIt provides very light and provides good control.

Buy STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket Now

3. Butterfly Zhang Jike super ZLC

This model can be summarized as amazing! It proves to be one of the most expensive ping pong paddles in the market. This model is the best paddle regarding speed and spin, therefore, making it aggressive or offensive player

This paddle has great speed and spins and has a large sweet spot and games have been more consistent. The ZL carbon combined with the Butterfly’s High Tension rubber increases the rebound of the ball compared with non-high tension rubbers.

Butterfly Zhang Jike super ZLC

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The thin top sheet allows more contact between the ball and the rubber surface hence letting you produce more spins.

Immediately upon playing with it for the first time, it had the feeling of a hard blade but the very soft composition that gave it more power. The ZLC has more power and control compared to all wooden blades and the Andro Temper Tech. When used with a rubber made for spin/power, the sweet spot of the paddle was crazy! The power of this paddle can be contributed to its weight. In addition to this blade being extremely fast, it retains a good amount of control.


  • checkExcellent for aggressive player looking for spin and speed
  • checkHas a large sweet spot hence increasing consistency of the play


  • has a low throw angle making it unsuitable for loop game

Buy Butterfly Zhang Jike super ZLC Now

4. Jun Mizutani Paddle

The ZLC technology has made playing ping pong more fun! The bat has a high speed and spins which is vital which are very important in serving and receiving. Thicker and softer layer of the paddle’s blade results in a softer impact and a good arching of the ball.

Amazing quality, great sweet spot and also incredible spin. Best thing is the dwell time that produces a high amount of spins in every stroke. Has a great speed that may prove to be difficult for beginners. This paddle also offers very good ball feedback, which provides extra control in an offensive play.

Jun Mizutani Paddle

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It also has a nice finish, nice texture of the composite material, colors and has very stylish patterns. The paddle blade, however, is small in size and the handle short and thin, but it is comfortable. Directing the ball was spot on when I use it even on powerful received loops.

The ZLC layer also makes the blade to be lighter, stiffer and flexible


  • checkLarger sweet spot
  • checkGreat speed and spin
  • checkWonderful finish and general design


  • The paddle is not for beginners because of its great speed

Looking for a paddle that produces high speed and spin? Then this is the best paddle for you. It is designed to help you serve and receive the ball perfectly. However, this paddle is suitable for intermediate players and professionals.

Buy Jun Mizutani Paddle Now

5. Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC

Great balanced power attack, easier steering all at the same time, wow! This makes the arylate-carbon technology very wonderful

The power is stable all through, and handling is easier at intermediate. When combined with rubber that can suppress momentum it might have a very good performance.

Was surprised. This paddle has a high offensive power and has great performance no matter who is using it.

Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC

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Suitable for offensive player and favorable for attack style of play


  • checkGreat power attack
  • checkEasy handling
  • checkIt has good Control


  • Unsuitable for beginners

The paddle’s design and material used increase its power and at the same time making the control to be easy. This coupled with other features makes it great for an offensive player.

Buy Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC Now

6. Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000

One thing that standouts is its lightness and at the same time proving to be very strong. This property added to the TAMCA 5000 technology makes the paddle to be light and at the same time being strong with high elasticity.

When playing using it, you will immediately realize that the bat possesses great power and therefore you get high performance in return. Another great fact is the ease of handling it because the paddle is thin in design. The control, blocking and dwell time is great and good in short game and touch play.

Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000

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One cannot miss the fact that the paddle has a great control during a game.


  • checkIt has Great control
  • checkIt is light in weight
  • checkEasy to handle
  • checkGood in short and touch play


  • The sweet spot is smaller compared to Zhang Jike and Jun Mizutani.

The bat offers the player very good control and blocking of the ball making it suitable for a defensive player. Its weight and handle make you play for a long time without causing discomfort to your hand.

Buy Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000 Now

7. STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

Talk of great speed a spin. This model is just awesome!. It falls under the category of the best rackets for speed and spins for me.

The ratings of this racket might just be right. The rigidity and response of the racket are enhanced by the use of carbon tech two layers, which gives it power, speed, and spin. The bat has thin sponge underneath the rubber helping you hit the ball harder increasing speed and spin. Recovery after every stroke is great thanks to its light nature. If you are player who likes smashing and looping, then this is the ideal paddle for you because of its wider sweet spot.

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

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The paddle design ergonomically made in that you can play for a longer time without feeling discomfort

Another remarkable thing about this paddle is it produces very good loops.


  • checkIdeal for professionals who are interested in smashing and looping
  • checkGreat speed and spin
  • checkGreat power is produced.
  • checkComfortable when playing


  • Not ideal for beginners and players who are uncomfortable with heavier handle

The fact that it is approved by ITTF makes it suitable for a professional player. Its speed and spin making it be classified as the best paddle for speed and spin. It is, however, not recommend for beginners because of the great speed it produces.

Buy STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Now


A very great feature that you notice about this racket is the rubber coating on its surface, which is a feature that is common with the professional paddles.

Serving and returning strikes is simpler thanks to its dimpled surface. The blade is also large, and this is an advantage since the sweet spot is increased.

The handle fits perfectly in your hands since its long and therefore increasing the grip.


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  • checkBest for serving and returning strikes
  • checkHas a large sweet spot
  • checkFits properly in the hand


  • The plastic cover should be removed and placed back before and after each game respectively.
  • exclamation-circleNot suitable for beginners.

The large blade makes the sweet spot larger, and this makes you concentrate on your game. This bat is suitable for intermediate and professional players who wants to perfect his game in serving and returning strikes.


9. Killerspin Kido 5A RTG Table Tennis Racket

This paddle can make improved one’s game and perfect for playing with friends. The bat has a perfect sweet spot that enhances its quality and speed. The finishing is very attractive and has been very reliable when taking part in a competitive match and a player who is looking for top speed and is very effective for an all-around dynamic player.

This paddle is awesome, great control, spin, the paddle has it guaranteed to improve your game.

Killerspin Kido 5A RTG Table Tennis Racket

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  • checkGood for an all-around player
  • checkHas great control


  • It is not suitable for looping

This paddle is highly recommended for intermediate players and also an all-around player.

It is a perfected for player who wants quality in speed, control, and spin.

Buy Killerspin Kido 5A RTG Table Tennis Racket Now

10. Butterfly Andrzej Grubba FL Blade

Good Blade, very rigid and a hard surface. The paddles blade is thin. The playing features are nice perfect for a direct and predictable game. Smashing and blocking using this paddle is very easy, but poor at looping. This blade mixes well with short pimples for aggressive, direct play.

This blade was hard to adjust to at first, but after some time it was easy to use. The blade is very fast, but it is difficult when controlling the ball. It produces very great power and speed and can improve considerably with practice.

Butterfly Andrzej Grubba FL Blade

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The control is outstanding! Enough speed to set up your points with solid loops and finish them with smashes. This paddle provides you the feeling of control. Very high quality!


  • checkGood for smashing and blocking
  • checkSuitable for direct play
  • checkIt has good control


  • Not recommended for looping.

This paddle is highly suitable for players who are interested in a game that is direct and are playing it for fun.

Buy Butterfly Andrzej Grubba FL Blade Now

Editor’s Pick

[tcb-script type=”text/javascript”]amzn_assoc_placement = “adunit0”;amzn_assoc_tracking_id = “sprtl1fez-20”;amzn_assoc_ad_mode = “manual”;amzn_assoc_ad_type = “smart”;amzn_assoc_marketplace = “amazon”;amzn_assoc_region = “US”;amzn_assoc_linkid = “6d2434c5df16c9c011c66a045cc06c3b”;amzn_assoc_asins = “B0085TX43S,B00CH4STX2,B00EFY9F9E,B00O8ZSZ5K”;amzn_assoc_title = “”;amzn_assoc_search_bar = “false”;[/tcb-script][tcb-script src=”//”][/tcb-script]

Improving val​​​​ue of this paddles

For this paddles to function effectively the rubber to be used should be of high quality. This rubber can also be used when making your racket at home. The following are the most expensive table tennis rubbers you can use for a ping pong paddle.

• Adidas TenZone Ultra SF.

This rubber offers greater spin and is also soft. It also produces a higher speed

JOOLA 4 All Table Tennis Rubber

The 1.8 mm thick rubber comes in red and black and is suitable for players who are in control and also the beginners.


In conclusion, these paddles prove to be different in functioning. Overall the best of them all prove to be the Killerspin jet 800.

This is because the paddle has all the required qualities into one. The racket has greater power for the professional player and has an ergonomic handle.

On top of this, it has great control. The handle is also ergonomic, increasing the play time without creating any discomfort to the hand. The quality of your game will improve by using this paddle. The paddle has an outer rubber that helps you get the correct spin.

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