Ping Pong Paddle or Racket: Which Should You Choose?

Ping Pong Paddle or Racket: Which Should You Choose?

Are ping pong paddle and racket the same? If not, how could we discriminate them? If you are still confused, check out the article to clear your mind!

Why should we discriminate ping pong paddle and racket?

Both ping pong paddle and racket are sports equipment which come in a variety of spins and speeds.

Therefore, for each particular player, discriminating them and choosing the suitable one is very important.

Choosing ping pong paddle or racket should be based on the equipment’s features and your playing style.

Unlike rackets, ping pong paddles are like amateur racquets so you cannot play professional tournaments with it.

Are ping pong paddle and racket the same?

No, not really! Just because ping pong paddle and racket are similar in shape does not mean they are the same.

However, their similarity makes many people misunderstand.

Simply, since ping pong and table tennis are not the same sport, ping pong paddle and racket are different equipment.

Technically, the two sports have many things in common.

However, there is a popular preconception that ping pong paddle is more of an amateur game or a hobby. Meanwhile, table tennis a professional sport.

Moreover, the International Table Tennis Federation also uses “table tennis” as the official term.

What is ping pong paddle?

A ping pong paddle consists of four basic parts: a handle, a blade and two rubbers on both sides of the blade.

Typically, a ping pong paddle is made up of a straight or flared wooden handle and a solid wooden blade.

There are also blades that are made of carbon fiber.

What is a racket?

Like a ping pong paddle, a racket also consists of a handle, a bottom plate, rubber skin, and sponge.

The design of a typical racket

In comparison with using ping pong paddle, racket makes it easier to control the direction when the ball. The strength of the ball is also greater.

What are the differences between a ping pong paddle and a racket?

The materials

A ping pong paddle is usually spongeless.

For a ping pong paddle, you can use any material as the padding such as sandpaper. The player can use the other’s bat during the game.

Meanwhile, materials like sandpaper do not meet the criteria of table tennis to use as the racket’s padding.

Rackets are individually designed bats that use a wide variety of sponges and rubbers.

The handle

The clearest difference is the length of the handles.

The handle of a racket is a bit shorter than that of a ping pong paddle.

Usually, the grip length of the ping pong paddle is about 100 mm. Meanwhile, the grip of the racket is slightly shorter, about 85 mm in length.

The thickness

Unlike the ping pong paddle, the thickness of racket is limited.

However, you can hardly feel the difference unless there is some striking strength. The difference will clearly come out especially when it gets hit.

The thickness of a racket, including the blade and two rubber sheets, should not be thicker than that certain amount of inches.

A racket has to obey some rules by ITTF standard

In general, for the same rubber, the thicker the momentum, the better the striking power that hit the ball.

However, on the other hand, it becomes heavy and the control gets difficult. Therefore, it is important to have the necessary skills to master thick ping pong paddle.

On the contrary, when comparing the thickness of the medium thickness to the high thickness, it easily gains momentum while the power is suppressed.

Therefore, the racket is light and the control becomes easier.

The colors of the rubbers

So by standard rules, the colors of both sides of the racket have to be different. According to table tennis rule, they have to be red and black.

This rule is just for visual purposes.

In a table tennis match, an opponent can anticipate which type of shot is being played thanks to the color of the side being used.

If the racket was the same color on both sides, it would be easy for a player to flip the paddle without their opponent noticing.

However, in tournaments, the color has to be different.

Meanwhile, ping pong players usually just play with one side on the backhand or on the forehand.

The color of the rubber of ping pong is usually red or black.

ITTF approved sign

Unlike ping pong paddle, the racket has the ITTF sign on each side.

This sign indicates that the racket has met the international standard racket of the International Table Tennis Federation.

The racket must have ITTF logo to be used in major tournament.

We use racket, which have the ITTF logo when participating in major tournaments.

Ping pong paddle does not have ITTF sign since it does not meet the criteria to be used in tournaments.

The last words

As can be seen, ping pong paddle and racket are not really the same. They can be any shape or size.

The choice of ping pong paddle or racket should be based on your personal preference and playing style.

Whether it is a professional tournament or just a, entertaining game in your garage, hope you now can have the right choice of ping pong paddle or racket!

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