What Ping Pong Table Sizes Are Accepted Today?

ping pong table dimension

In the recent times, many are still wondering if there is an accurate size specified for ping pong tables. So, is there any? Apparently, ping pong tables come in different sizes and dimensions. Although there is a standard size accepted for tournament types of gameplays, there are sizes and kinds made available for different ping pong games.

It is essential for you to know the different types and kinds of ping pong table sizes especially if you are learning and enhancing your skills in ping pong. In addition, it is seen to be important as well notably when you are to purchase your own ping pong table.

Having the right knowledge about the different kinds of dimensions and sizes of these tables can largely help you in obtaining the most appropriate ping pong table for you.


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​ITTF Standard Size

International Table Tennis Federation of the ITTF is apparently the governing organization of ping pong or table tennis in general. All standards and guidelines are well-written and analyzed by the said organization. Consequently, the standard sizes and dimensions for ping pong tables are also included.

The ping pong table top is measured at 9 feet or 2.74 meters in length having 5 feet or 1.525 meters of width. As for the height from the floor, the standard height is rated at 2 feet 6 inches or .76 meters. Furthermore, a standard ping pong table must have a net with the exact dimensions of 6 feet or 1.83 meters in its length and 6 inches or 15.25 centimeters in its height.

Any material is allowed to be used in producing the table as long as it meets certain requirements. One of the most apparent standards being strictly implemented by the ITTF is the aftermath or the effects of the material to the ball.

When the ball is dropped on the table from a 30 cm height, it must bounce back reaching 23 cm of height. If this requirement is not met by the materials being used on the table, there is no possibility of accepting the said material and table.

Now, the given standard ping pong table size and measurement is usually the official dimensions used for tournaments and professional courses of ping pong games in the recent times.

To know more about ping pong table sizes, here is a great tool that you may watch and access:​

​Standard Table Markings

Aside from the dimensions of a ping pong table, there are also standards when it comes to the markings. The ping pong table must be dark in its color with white markings. These markings are all in white having 2 cm thickness and being marked on all edges.

In the middle of the table where the net is set to be placed, it must divide the table into two equal parts having 1.37 meters of length. In addition, ping pong tables especially for doubles category – there is an additional marking that divides the whole table into four equal parts.

The said additional marking must have a 3 millimeters thickness that is perfectly perpendicular to the net. Each part must have a total of 76 meters of length.​

Marketing The Standard Ping Pong Table Size​

By and large, you would often encounter the terms “Competition Size” or “Tournament size” and even “Meets ITTF Standards”. If in this case you are looking for ping pong tables and may have come across these signages, it only means that the ping pong table is a 9 by 5 dimension type of table.

Ping pong table tournament

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The dimensions and sizes are all measured accordingly to the exact measurements given above. Hence, these kinds of tables are usually recommended for those who play and practice ping pong for a more advanced type of gameplays.​

Recreational Ping Pong Tables​

On the other hand, you would often see mini and midsized ping pong tables as well. These ping pong tables are usually smaller than the standard ones. Apparently, people who usually buy these kinds of tables are the ones who consider ping pong as an entertainment alone.

There are cases that beginners and learners of the said sport would start their learning experience with these kinds of ping pong tables. While others may say that these are not that much appropriate when it comes to mastering and enhancing the overall skills in ping pong, many would find these ping pong tables very useful for training and alike.

Ping Pong Table midsized

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In actuality, there are different kinds of midsized and mini ping pong tables. They come in different dimensions and sizes as well. However, the markings and linings remain the same in proportion to the size of the table.

As of the time being, there are actually 2 major types of Recreational Ping Pong Tables. Firstly, the mini or the midsized; and secondly, the compact size ping pong tables. For a more fun and exciting gameplay, there are floating ping pong tables as well that are made available in different markets and sports houses. Usually, the floating tables are intended for swimming pools, beaches, and conversion tops.

No matter how diverse the variety of the ping pong tables nowadays, these recreational ping pong tables are all seen as smaller tables in comparison to the standard and full-sized types. If you are seeking for a more serious kind of gameplay and practice, it is very much advisable for you to opt and look for the standard sizes.​

In Conclusion​

Ultimately, there are different kinds of ping pong tables in the recent times. There are actually two main categories – Standard types and the Recreational tables. Standard-sized ping pong tables are also known as the tournament- or competition-sized since they are the ones being used in competitions and tournaments.

As for the recreational, the variety and kinds of ping pong tables under the said category are wide. However, all recreational ping pong tables are seen as smaller types and they are intended specifically for entertainment purposes alone.

If you find this post very informative and helpful, you may share this with your friends and family especially for those who are really looking for ping pong tables. Your reactions, ideas, and insights are very much welcome and you may share them in the comment section below.​

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