The Flight System Review: How does this program work?

the flight system Review

There is no doubt that the Flight System deserves this review simply because it is all about increasing the way you can jump high. You can agree with me that it is something that will come in handy especially if you are a basketball player. That is the main reason why you will always need this eBook. It will definitely change the way you jump. 

From many people’s claims, dunking has been extremely difficult because of their jumps. In turn, this will make you feel less valid as a basketball player. You will be able to do it better after you have improved it. It is good to remember that you will need the Flight System if you want to make something for yourself. 

If you have been lucky to use The Flight System, then you can agree with me that it covers all the aspects of jumping and landing. Typically, the creator of this program focus on group things. It is worth noting that jumping can be challenging for individuals. Therefore, you have to practice more and better.

the flight system Review

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The Flight System Review

What is the Flight System?

The Flight System is simply a structured program that will increase the height of your jumps. Unlike other programs in the market, the Flight System goes beyond height. This program covers everything you need to develop more balance and better coordination. That will only be achieved if you consider purchasing this program. The author of this program has been an expert pf vertical jumps for many years. Through his program, Chris Barnard will help you get to the end of it all. This eBook will help you to:

  • Learn what you should do faster.
  • Enjoy the things you have trouble doing.
  • Make your days in court easier.

Is the Flight System a scam?

You will come across many people who are yet to believe something beneficial and legit can exist in online programs. However, that is not the case with this program. It will help you jump like a professional player within three months.

There are people who have never tried this program and are quick to judge that it is just a scam. Keep in mind that this program works efficiently. Like many people, you can learn a great deal since the creator of this program is a professional trainer.

Who is Chris Barnard?

Chris Barnard is the main trainer at Strength Camp in the United States of America. In Strength Camp, Chris Barnard has done excellent work. That is why people believe in his program because he qualifies. At first, Chris Barnard has taught kids how to jump higher. After that, he saw that indeed his techniques work well. He wrote this program after doing some testing.

It is said that Chris Barnard did some notable research. The research was inspired by renowned people like Archuleta. That is how he started training people how to jump higher. It is by no doubt that you will love how Chris Barnard presents the ideas that he has. People have found it very interesting. If you jump more than 44 inches, that will be quite impressive. He is not only teaching you, but he is also walking the walk.

The science behind the Flight System by Chris

Have you ever heard that the trick behind the success of this program is science? The main essence of focusing you jump higher is to trigger some responses you did not know you had. That is something you will always find interesting when you want success. This program has been designed in a unique way such that when you train, the dunker will not be filled with too much that you fail. It has been made to train users slowly and effectively. It boasts of every technique that is easy to follow. Furthermore, you will have a chance to develop total control of your body even in the air.

the flight system review

How does this program work?

It is important to understand how this program works before purchasing it. Are you aware of what is preventing you from having higher jumps? The primary function of the Golgi Tendon Organs is to prevent your body muscles from getting injured. The GTO works like a sensor. Additionally, the tendons will sense changes in muscle tension. It is the inhibitory process that will force your muscles to relax. This program has been designed to help your body develop the ability to shut off your tendons. This is done without risking muscle injury. Remember that this program has been designed based on scientific findings. Here are some of the parameters that are built on this new training system:


It is no secret that mobilization is one of the key focus areas in this program. Additionally, the creator of this program has made it in a unique way such that it increases the mobility of your muscles. This will make you gain vertical jump height.

You might have tried many programs in the past without being successful. To be honest, you will never find any other better program than The Flight System. Chris Barnard has explained mobilization in the best way. In his program, Chris has focused on hip flexors. The end results are something that you have always wanted from these programs. After using this program, your tight muscles will start moving. Kindly note that this is where other programs miss out.


Although mobilizing the body muscles can produce some results, now Chris Barnard wants to activate the remaining muscles. Do you know that more muscles at work mean higher jumps? The creator has included everything to ensure that this program works efficiently. Furthermore, the highly regarded program focuses on dynamic exercises to achieve these goals within a short period of time. These exercises form an important part of the Flight System Program.


This program is all about putting work in the gym. You will easily increase your jump height with this program. However, kindly remember that this program is not for the fainthearted. You will be required to move the weighted load in vertical directions. Your overall speed will be very critical. Away from that, you can do exercises such as squat jumps and medicine ball. The tough and demanding exercises are part of this amazing program. Power is by no doubt one of the most important parameters that will help you jump higher.


Most of the reviews in the Flight System focus on plyometric. You can see that Chris Barnard has explained all these exercises as they have never done before. You should know that plyometric is one of the most important parts of this vertical jump system.


This is one of the major cores of this program. Strength can be described as the way you learn to lift your body into the air. This will happen as high as your muscles can support. Usually, the Flight System uses three face training. It has isometric and concentric phases.

However, people have been complaining that Chris Barnard’s approach of explaining strength training is quite challenging and complex.  It is different from other programs. Although there are other programs with simple strength, they have not proved to be effective.

What you will learn in this program

One of the most important things you will learn immediately after purchasing this program is how the creator visioned vertical jump. Unlike other creators who are known for top vertical jump programs in the market, Chris has taken all his inspiration from scientific findings. His main focus when coming up with this program is to give your body the ability to absorb higher amounts of force. This will be done without the risk of muscle strain.

If that is not yet enough, this program teaches depth jumps and rebounds jumps. You will also learn simple mobilization that will in turn play a significant role when it comes to muscle mobility. As you progress with this great program, you will be forced to undertake weight based exercises that include trap bar deadlifts and hang cleans. Besides these exercises, you should also put in some work in the gym. Users are supposed to lift heavy weights. The routines in this program will push you more than other programs in the market can do.

You can see that The Flight System is all about learning about your body. Having been backed up by scientific evidence means that Chris Barnard has explained everything. This program allows you to learn the different theories which are behind the various routines included in it. You will have an easy time understanding how different routines contribute to the overall strength of the muscles. People have had easy time after they knew how the increased rate of force development could give more inches on the vertical jump.

Is this program worth the money?

The Flight System has been designed having in mind the latest scientific research in muscle flexibility. This program is quite related to how higher you can jump. The creator of this program spent more than six years trying to figure out how scientific findings can help ordinary athletes jump like superhuman.

It is the results of the extensive research that enable Chris to come up with this program. As you plan to purchase this program, you should rest assured that it is worth your money. That being said, you should purchase it with confidence that you are only purchasing a reliable program that will never disappoint you. 

The Flight System Unique Steps to a Higher Vertical Jump

Like other top vertical jump training programs, the Flight System was developed around the novel concept named Vertical Release. Basically, the Flight System has been designed to optimize the nervous system. This will allow you to jump higher. Are you aware that the training is designed to raise the threshold at which the tendons allow changes to muscular tension? There are specific training principles in this program that will raise the threshold at which the tendons limit muscle stretch. This allows more power generation. 

As the system is focusing on shutting down the tendons, the tendons on the other hand promote the elastic properties of the muscles. It is important to know that this happens through optimization of the shortening cycle.

The main aim of the Flight System is to recruit as numerous muscle groups as possible. The muscle groups will be trained in a specific way once the motor units have been activated. In his program Chris has explained that his program is made up of the following sub components.

Increasing motor unit recruitment

If you have used this program in the past, then you can bring attestations that there is specific strength training incorporated in this program. This strength training will boost the amount of nerves that are known to activate muscle fibers. More rocket fuel will be produced when more muscles are activated.

The subsequent increase in force development 

Chris has included crucial details that will help you express more force in less time. 

Is this program safe to be used by kids?

We are not 100% sure whether the Flight system can be used by kids. Keep in mind that the creator of this program is yet to specify whether this program can be used by kids. This program has been created by one of the most experienced and certified trainers. Therefore, you would expect that kids would be overwhelmed by the extra demanding program.  

The heavy strength training required in this program can cause serious injuries. Therefore, always ensure that you do the exercises correctly. 

Intensity and load of exercises in this program

After going through this program, you can see that Chris Barnard has not stated a specific intensity to train within the program. However, he has mentioned that users should not train 85% of the maximum load. This should be improved since the intensity of the strength exercises tapers off in the course of the Flight System program. To use this program effectively, you should have access to a gym or several weight lifting equipment. 

Key features of this program

  • This program boasts of nice strength training routines. These routines make things interesting for more than three months.
  • It is an excellent plyometric component.
  • It comes with nice overview videos. The creator has also included a discussion on the principles behind the program’s exercise selection.
  • Quite easy to navigate.
  • Quality training videos.
  • Well prepared and organized videos database.

What is needed for this program?

You should have access to a wide range of exercise equipment if you really want to excel in this program. Remember that it is one of the most advanced programs you will ever come across. The Flight System is suited for experienced lifters. Are you an advanced lifter? You will definitely enjoy the Flight System. What if you are new to training? In that case, it would be better if you consider looking for other better programs. The Flight System can be described as a premium jump program that can be compared to gold standard jump programs. 

Pros of this program

If you are an athlete, you will benefit greatly from the Flight System. You might be aware that people who can jump higher and change directions have numerous advantages when compared to other athletes in various sports. This program will come in handy in developing your speed and ability to change direction when running fast. Additionally, it is also helpful in building strength and muscles in the hips and calves. A fit person will definitely perform better than an unfit person. The best thing about this system is that it is quite easy to understand. Again, you don’t need to have a lot of equipment. Furthermore, it is quicker to learn about the exercises included in this program. You will be enjoying your sessions when you are doing them with friends or teammates.

Away from that, the reliable system will improve your muscular endurance. The muscle explosiveness improved by this program will help you jump continuously. Moreover, it is a risk free program since you have the freedom to test the system for 60 days. If it does not work well for you, you are free to return it. In that instance, you will be provided with a 100% money back guarantee.

Another important thing to note in this program is that it is affordable. They will provide you with a more than 50% discount off the original selling price. This means that everyone can get this program.


Although it is one of the most efficient programs of all time, starting out the program has become a major challenge to many people. You can get injuries if you perform exercises in the wrong way. 

Final Thoughts

This is the right time to do yourself a favor and commit yourself to this amazing program. Time is ticking very fast. What are you waiting to make a move and get yourself a copy of your Flight System today? We hope that this review article will be helpful as you plan to purchase the Flight System. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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