The Jump Manual Review: How does it work?

the jump manual review
The Jump Manual
The Jump Manual
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You can agree with me that indeed being able to dunk is every person dream in basketball. It is good to know that you will be more attacking to the rim. Additionally, you will be able to get rebounds. In the last couple of years, there have emerged numerous vertical jump training in the market. All these vertical jumps promise to increase your vertical. But do they work efficiently? In this article, we will discuss one of the best programs in the market. This program has been around for a long time. It is still very popular with many people.

You will learn some of the things people have learned through the process of using this program. Without further ado, let us get down to business.

the jump manual review

The Jump Manual Review

Introducing the Jump Manual

The highly regarded vertical jumping manual was created by Jacob Hiller. It is worth noting that the creator of this program is a trainer who is certified by the American Council on Exercise. Additionally, Jacob Hiller has gained a lot of experience since he has worked as a coaching staff for not only professional but also basketball teams. Are you aware that he has trained with top NBA players? That is the best thing you can ever hear. Recently, he has been focusing on training professional dunkers.

Coach-Hiller-The Jump Manual Review

On top of this popular program, you will see him in instructional videos. He has been featured in numerous videos showing people how to do every exercise. That’s makes him the best man to look up and learn from. Furthermore, he is very likable simply because you will be seeing him a lot. So, what is the Jump manual? The 12 weeks program has specifically been designed to help you jump higher.

From many people attestations, 12 weeks is not something you can easily commit to. Therefore, you should be serious with this program if you really want to jump higher. Unlike other programs available in the market, the Jump Manual is structured like chapters of a book. It describes the nutrition and exercises that are required for the jump training program.

The best thing about this program is that it is detailed to the extent that you will understand how to jump even if you read it alone. Typically, this program has eight chapters and a video library. It will take you through multiple theoretical factors before learning the actual workouts. Keep in mind that the actual workouts are found in the final chapters.

It is important to note that most coaches nowadays are not aware of the science behind this program. In most cases, they focus on your endurance and how to handle and pass the ball. It will be rare to come across a coach who teaches you how to jump higher. That is why you should consider purchasing this amazing program since it covers all the exercises you will need to learn. You can later apply the exercises in order to jump higher.

Remember that this program is not just for basketball players. It can also be used by people active in other sports that include Volleyball and Tennis.

jump manual review

How does it work?

You might have heard that it took the creator of this program not less than nine years to come up with this program. In the process of coming up with this program, Jacob Hiller unveiled at least nine variables. These nine variables will have a great impact on your jump. The unique thing about this program is that it targets all the variables. This is not the case with other programs available in the market. You will never find any other program that covers all facets. That is the reason why this program is more effective.

Furthermore, the reliable Jump Manual boasts of a cumulative effect. Another notable thing to note in this program is that there is a strong correlation between the variables. What does it mean? Everything will begin to change once your vertical has improved. What if one of them was not performed as required? In that case, the rest of the variables will function properly. Here are some of the variables in this program:


People who are not strong enough are said to have weak legs. This means that you will only jump to a certain height. The solution to this is very feasible. You are required to do a lot of strength training. The main focus of this program is to build body fibers that control how much force your muscles generate.


Are you aware that building your strength is useless especially if you can’t wake it up quickly? The muscle contraction in your body should always be quick. This enables your jump to be extremely powerful.

Muscle recruitment 

It is important to know that the jump will not be very powerful if the muscle fibers are not fully inducted. This program emphasizes on putting maximum effort into your training. In turn, your body will be able to use every fiber for a better jump.


This is the right time to perform good jump movements by growing and building a proper form. You should also try your best to work on your techniques. The body must use a big number of its muscles.


It is important to fuel your body with the right nutrients if you really want to have rapid muscle growth and recovery. Consider feeding your body before and after the workouts.

The Jump Manual Review


In other words, elasticity is known as flexibility. It is one of the most important things for any athlete. Your muscles should be able to contract as tightly as possible. Additionally, you might end up injuring yourself as a result of non-flexibility. It is important to work on your flexibility. That is the reason the creator has emphasized on it in the program.


Other body parts will always be forced to endure the force produced during jumping. This will happen especially if the body joints are not stable. Therefore, there are more possibilities of losing a large part of your vertical breakthrough ability.

Body composition

Weight is arguably the most important factor in jumping. Every kilogram you gain will bring a step further from your dream jump. That being said, you should take gaining weight seriously. Fortunately, this program comes with workable strategies that you can use to ensure that your body is in good condition. This guarantee you optimum performance.


It is said that genetics play a very significant role. Over the years, we have witnessed most people trying to twitch fibers. The Jump Manual allows you to start training on your twitch fibers. As you do it, you should rest assured that you will be a powerful jumper.

All the above variables will play a significant role in how high you jump. The creator has only discussed one of these variables in the manual. This guarantees that you succeed after using this program.

The science behind the Jump Manual

It is one of the most lengthy and detailed programs you will ever come across in your lifetime. You will find numerous practical teaching methods in this program. After studying the hypothesis, Jacob Hiller condensed the details in a fourteen day training regimen. The most interesting thing is that these details can be interpreted and performed by almost everyone. In his hypothesis, the creator used centuries old scientific notes and training manuals.

As you go through this program, you will notice that it is user friendly. You will have a lifetime privilege that was not available to other dunkers in the past. The healthy program has proved to be successful worldwide. Usually, this program comes on two training factors that include strength and quickness.

This program uses several unique and relevant research techniques. Here are some of the techniques.

Maximum power

You might be wondering the reason why this program is very successful. The main factor behind its success is that its focus on full intensity for every repeat. However, this strategy may sound quite intuitive. You will find people struggling to understand the gains even if there are considerable commitments. Such people mainly obey unnecessary ideals rather than focusing on destructive stamina.

The end results will be wasting more time than they should. Jacob Hiller adopted a different approach when creating this program. He emphasized on preparing with the highest possible commitment. Your central nervous system will be in a position to recruit each fiber in your muscles. This means that you must keep repeating and work to the limit if you want to practice for vertical growth. Otherwise, you will end up preparing yourself for a long time at a lower level.

Form improvement 

Improving form is another aspect that makes this program popular with many people. You will come across some people who made substantial gains within a few days since they were able to correct their flaws immediately. After you discover the techniques, you will be able to enhance the first step to build upward inertia. Transferring the momentum will be much better. In most cases, chosen drills are used to reinforce such methods. Be guaranteed that it will be one of your biggest impacts on your vertical jump.

Your body will easily understand and accept the correct shape. Also, the vertical performance will move from the training to the basketball court. Remember that the correct form is also important when it comes to your safety. More skills mean that there are less chances of getting injuries. With that in mind, you should concentrate on learning the best form of jumping.

The progress zone

It would be better to motive your body through different exercises. This will make steady progress. You will never make any meaningful progress if you don’t grow the strength of your weight training exercises. The Jump Manual has emerged as the perfect method that will make sure that you are training in an improvement zone. Kindly don’t worry about the number of reps. All that you should keep in mind is that every rep in this program is done with 100% effort.

Program workout

As we said earlier in this article, this program is three months long. The actual activities in this program are usually divided into fourteen day cycle. All these activities are continuously repeated. On the other hand, the weights are increased gradually.

Plyometric Exercises

You will easily develop the feeling of intensity with drills like depth jumps. This plays a huge role in teaching your body how to activate several muscle fibers. All these workouts will help you increase your vertical efficiency while at the same time teaching your central nervous system how to function successfully. You will have to take at least 90 minutes to cool down from these workouts.

Lower Body Exercises

Lower body exercises are a combination of several heavy lifting activities with squats. It will be easier improving your muscles during these exercises. To do this exercise accordingly, you need a gym with heavy barbells. The routine that takes about two hours is combined with warm ups and refreshment.

The Jump Manual Review 2

Core Exercises

It is simply a short training that can be done at home. The main aim of these exercises is to stabilize the heart while at the same time optimizing energy transfer during vertical leaps. Additionally, these exercises are very quick. You will only take less than 30 minutes to complete them.

Jump Manual Bonuses

Despite the program being inclusive of everything, the Jump Manual also has several bonuses. The free additions show how the creator of this program was passionate when creating it. In this section, we will take a close look at some of the bonuses.

Basketball training

This training section was created specifically for people who do not have access to the gym. Additionally, it comes with all the necessary training. The best thing you will like in this program is that you can practice the exercises anywhere.

However, you should not expect the same results you would see if you had a gym membership. You should rest assured that you will continue to make progress.

Instant inches

As the name of the program dictates, it was specifically designed to help people increase their vertical within minutes. However, you will not achieve this by only snapping your finger. It will help you know some of the most basics training elements that you can easily incorporate.

After doing it for some days, you will notice that your jump has increased to about four inches. It will be better if you learn the miracle stretches. It is said that these stretches are very crucial in supporting the entire range of movements of your muscles. How to handle the ball is the final and one of the most informative section of add on. This will be very important more so if you have issues shooting the ball through the hoop.

Pros of the Jump Manual

  • This program boasts of a holistic approach to jump training. It comes with weight training and different exercises training.
  • It has been developed for long term use.
  • The highly preferred program has been developed based on science based evidence.
  • You will receive a premium bonus gift set.
  • It joins other top programs with progress trackers.
  • The results are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with this program, the creator provides a money back guarantee. This means that you can return this program to the seller and get a refund.
  • This program provides options for more complex progressions.
  • It can be used by injured people. It is the most inspiring thing about this program. It revolves around controlled movements. This makes it perfect for people who have suffered from injuries in the past. It can also be used by older people. Injured people will also avoid any future injuries.
  • Nutritional elements. The nutritional plan will help you achieve the highest level of gains. The type of food you fuel your body with is arguably the biggest part of any program working.


  • Some of the videos included in this program are outdated.
  • This program requires the users to have regular access to weight in order to optimize results. You might not get your desired results if you don’t have access to weight training equipment.
  • The included background music is very boring especially when you view it numerous times.
  • The creator should consider removing the older information to make the newer information easier to follow.
  • It takes a lot of time to work. Although it is an effective and powerful program, it is not ideal if you are planning to gain inches quickly. You will be training your vertical all year round. You can attest that not everyone would want to do that.

Final Thoughts

From a close look, the Jump Manual is a great investment. Besides helping you boost your vertical jump, you will be able to develop your skills. It is one of the best programs you will ever find in the market. We hope that you will find this detailed review article helpful in the future. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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