Vertshock Review: How does this program work?

Vertshock Review
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There are numerous jump training programs out in the market. The most important thing is choosing the right program. Have you always wanted to dunk the ball? This is the right time to achieve this by completing a reliable course. Vert Shock program is one of the most reliable programs. Does this program work? How long lasting are the effects? Can anyone go through the program? You are about to find out all this.

Vertshock Review

Vertshock Review

What is Vert Shock? 

It is simply a system that is new to the internet. This program promises users to increase their vertical by at least 10 inches within a short period of time. It might look insane and impossible at first, but you should be guaranteed to notice notable results in just two months.

Unlike other programs, the Vert Shock takes a little unorthodox. Usually, this program utilizes high intensity plyometric. It is very crucial especially when it comes to achieving the maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

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Who are the creators of this program?

It is good to know that Adam Folker is the creator of this amazing program. Adam grew up playing basketball from his tender age. He was one of the best basketball players in Canada by the time he was in high school. He started playing for Division 1 basketball team. As for now, Adam is playing professional basketball overseas.

Additionally, he is on the main page of this program. He has confessed in this program that he could barely get to the rim when he started playing basketball. However, this did not hinder Adam from playing in some of the biggest basketball teams in NCCAA. With that in mind, what this great man has to say about training might prove very useful.

Justin Darlington is another person who has been involved in this program. You might have heard of him in the past. In the last couple of years, Justin has been one of the best dunkers in the world. Justin has been using his whopping 53 inches to win some of the greatest dunk contests that include the Nike Contest. Keep in mind that he has been lucky to contest with Antony Davis.

Furthermore, Justin is so good such that he actually trains professional NBA players tricks of jumping higher. You can agree with me that this program must have some of the best tactics and techniques having in mind that it comes from a person who does this for a living.

How does this program work?

This program has different stages that include Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. It is worth noting that these programs use high compact methods. Normally, the high impact methods target the nervous system more than the muscles. The main targets of this program are the nerves. On the other hand, the plyometric used in this program are used for type two muscle fibers.

The main goal of this program is very simple. It will make your body muscles as fast as possible. In turn, the extreme force will be generated. In this section, we will take a close look at the main stages.

The Three Stages

The eight weeks of this program are broken down into three different phases or stages that include:

  • Pre-Shock.
  • Shock.
  • Post-Shock.

The Pre-Shock Stage

Stage one of this program is called Pre Shock. This stage is specifically designed to prepare your body for what will be required from you in the future. You will find numerous exercises in this stage. You will be required to repeat these exercises again and again in the next 7 years. From many reviews, people have gained a few inches of the vertical jump after using this program.

From many people attestations, the first week is the hardest stage. However, you should do it properly simply because it ensures a successful run until the end of the program. Although it is not the most intensive, you will always find it extremely difficult to find at first.

The Shock Stage

Actual exercises begin in this stage. It is important to note that it is the biggest part of the three weeks course. When compared to the first stage, the shock stage is very crucial to the effects you will get from this program. If you have passed through the pre Shock Stage, then you will be feeling tired at this stage. The best thing about this stage is that your body will start adjusting. After a while, you will find yourself craving for more of these workouts soon.

Twitching muscles is arguably the main goal of this stage. You will be able to learn how you can explore the strengthening exercises. Your legs will propel you easier when you start generating a lot of concentrated power. By the end of the Shock Stage, you should have gained at least 10 inches of vertical. What if you gain less than 10 inches? This means that you skipped classes. On the other hand, more inches means that you are natural and jumping.

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The Post Shock Stage

This stage allows your body to rest while at the same time allowing your muscles to recover. Everything is aimed at activating the muscle memory you have obtained during the past two months. The one week stage aims at testing your vertical. It also makes sure that the height is consistent.

After several days, you will start feeling lighter. Your legs will be extra strong to the extent of taking you to new heights now. There are about four workouts in this stage. In total, there are about two hours.

Does this program really work?

Like other programs in the market, this program is surrounded by numerous uncertainties. The main reason behind this is that you will not be supervised while training. You might end up not following the instructions. In most cases, people fail when it comes to exercises. We have witnessed some people claiming that there are no visible effects. That is why we cannot guarantee that this program will work for everyone.

If you are among the very few people who put up the work, you should be guaranteed that this program will reward you. Your upright jump will be a bit higher. People who have never touched the rim have started touching it. People who have never dunked have started doing it all the time.

This program comes with several tutorials that teach users how to develop a training culture. Besides keeping you healthier, these habits will play a huge role in achieving results for a longer period of time. Kindly remember that you cannot slack off during this course. You will get worse results when you do it more. Remember that high intensity workouts can injure you especially if you fail to stretch properly.

Having a bad diet while in this program can also affect your progress negatively. All these negatives have been explained in the bonus DVD.

Is this program worth it?

You will never find any other reliable program that provides you much information at this low price. Additionally, you will get multiple DVDs and tutorials. There are also priceless tips from two of the all-time best players in the world. This makes it rival other single exercise programs. In this program, you will get training advice and training courses.

Furthermore, you will get new confidence in your plays after your jump gets enhanced. Interestingly, you might want to test out something more professional like a league.

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Four Quick Reasons Why We Recommend this Program

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend this program.

Vert Shock Works

The reason why people are interested in using this program is that they are curious if this program works. We are sure to tell you that this program will work successfully. After using this program, you will be able to gain more than 10 inches.

This program does not require a gym

The second reason why people love this program is that it does not require a gym. This must be great news more so if you are a young athlete who doesn’t have access to a gym. This means that the program can be done at a park. This makes it one of the super easy and convenient programs you will ever come across. Therefore, you will never have any excuse for failing to jump higher.

Great Designs and Videos

There is no doubt that this program has some of the best instructional videos. You should be assured that you are not buying a program with some low quality videos. You will definitely enjoy it as you sit down and watch the long videos. All that is required on your side is to watch the videos once to know how to do the exercises. From there, you can start doing them.

Stretching and staying safe

Nowadays, most people still believe that because the knees would cause problems, the training might end up hurting them. However, that is not the case with many users since they don’t complain. Actually, you will see them bragging about how the training can be done. Most program users have been praising the improvement on their knees and joints.

Stretching properly is extremely important. Athletes who often get hurt don’t stretch properly when they are lifting weights. This results in broken joints and loss of flexibility. You would not want to lose flexibility you will need one time.

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How are the exercises in this program?

You can agree with me that indeed most of the training programs out there require weight training. It is good to keep in mind that most people are suffering simply because they can’t purchase a gym membership. The only difference in these workouts is that they require body weight and basketball in some cases. You have the freedom to download the PDF and later save it on any mobile device or computer.

The eight week jump training has 41 workouts. You are required to do it regularly for 56 days. These workouts will help you train in different areas of training. Each of the workout comes with a different purpose. All the workouts are blend together to give you higher verticals.

The Final Results

Over the years, most users have been able to increase the vertical more than what they intended to do. If you already have a 40 inch vertical then it might be quite hard to see an improvement. You should keep the height and weight in mind if you want to increase your vertical with great ease. Be guaranteed that this program will give you pretty solid results.

The cost of this program

You will get what you are paying for. The high quality jump training program will truly make a huge difference. There are some affiliates and discounts you can get. This means that you can purchase it at a cheaper price. The price will be worth if you really want to improve the dunk and the game. That being said, you should consider paying a decent price for a program that actually works.

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The presentation quality

The overall quality of the instructions is better when compared to other programs. Although some of the videos in this program are older, they are more up to date than cheap programs available in the market. Remember that some of the videos in other programs have not been updated in 10 years. The creator has explained every bit in the instruction videos. If that is not yet enough, the instructions are easy to follow. That is the reason customers consider it very engaging.

The toughness of the program

There is no secret that it is one of the most productive programs out there. Therefore, naturally, it is going to be very labor intensive. You will not be using actual weight training. That being said, you can go ahead and incorporate that on your own. What if you have trouble with any of the exercises? In that case, you can easily find workarounds. This will enable you to have an easier time if there is need be. But you should be prepared to bust your extra but. With no pain, there will be no gain.

The overall rating

In terms of rating, this program has received almost 5 star rating. The funny thing with other programs is that most of them are rated only about four stars. It is no wonder finding some of the programs with a rating of about 3. You have many scams in the market, which this program is not. People who have been lucky to use this program have praised it that it worked efficiently and delivered results within a few hours.

Pros of this program

Here are some of the numerous advantages that come with this program.

  • There is no need for any special fitness gear. You only need to have a hefty dose of motivation. This will enable you to push it until the end.
  • Everything on this exercise is based on exercises that have proved to work not only in basketball but also in other sports.
  • It comes with videos for each exercise. The videos clearly show you what you need to be doing.
  • This program is safe for growing people. This means that it will be perfect as it will be for a grown professional.
  • You will be in a position to go through this program even if you are not athletic.
  • You can share your stats and experiences in the provided forum. Your questions will get answered by Adam himself. He will also help you in case you need any kind of help.
  • All the instructions in this program are easy to follow. You will never have any problem even if you are alone. Additionally, you don’t need prior experience with such online courses.
  • It is possible to access this program from any device. You can go out on the court with just your smartphone.
  • The creator of this program provides weekly check ins. The role of this is to make sure that you are pushing forward and staying on track.
  • You will be provided with a digital copy. It has no arrival times and waiting periods.
  • There are huge discounts for using this program.

Cons of this program

This program does not come without any disadvantages. Here are some of the cons that have been associated with this program.

  • There are numerous ads on this program.
  • This program does not provide a lot of scientific explanation.
  • You should have an internet connection if you want to access this program.
  • There are possibilities of feeling super tired after the first few weeks of this program.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to worry about purchasing this program. The creator provides you with a 60 days money back guarantee. Therefore, you are free to return this program and get a full refund. We hope that this detailed review article will help you in deciding whether Vert Shock is right for you. Feel free to ask any questions. Our team is always happy to answer any questions.

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