Will A Ping Pong Table Fit In Minivans? Finding Solutions For Your Picnic

Will A Ping Pong Table Fit In Minivans? Finding Solutions For Your Picnic

Do you wonder that if you can use your minivans to transport the ping pong table? If yes, then click this link, the result may surprise you.

On the weekend or vacation, you may want to go camping with your family and your friends; then you want to have some cool activities to play outside.

Suddenly, you realize that it would be awesome if you can take your ping pong table to the camping site.

But can you use ping pong tables outside? Yes, of course, that’s why table tennis is such a great choice of playing on the camping. The surface is made to bear the water and dust.

But is it possible to do that?

Let’s follow us to address this problem; you can read all the detailed information below to answer your question.

Can a ping pong table fit in Minivans?

First, you need to know the standard size and some information about the minivans and the ping pong table.

Information About Standard Minivans And Table Tennis Desk

Minivans size and characteristics

The minivan is a vehicle designed with three rows of large-sized adult seats. Minivan cars are often used for large families or carriages.

Minivan cars are usually taller than sedans, and nearly on par with SUVs, the head is flat, and the rear tail is bigger and taller.

design of the minivans

The standard size of a minivan is approximately  4500 mm in length, 1800mm in width but the base width is only 1500mm, and 1800mm tall.

Ping Pong table size and characteristics

The standard size of a ping pong table is 274 cm in length and 152,5 cm in width.

The table for the competition is made of MDF plywood which is smooth, hard and has a good level of bouncing. The surface of the table must be dark and uniform in color (green, blue, or black).

The ping pong table will be divided into two halves into two sides of the table.

From some information, we can see that the ping pong table cannot fit in a Minivans. And minivans are not produced for transportation purpose.

It is bad news, right?

But don’t worry, you can have some solutions to solve this problem. There are some ways to help you to have a good ping pong match with your friends on vacation.

Let’s check it below.

Some Different Ways To Transport The Ping Pong Table

Divide the table into small pieces

This is one of the most obvious ways to transfer an enormous object. You divide the product into smaller pieces to put in your car; then you can assemble them back into the big one.

The ping pong table has three main parts: two sides of the surface and the table legs made from metal.

It’s easier when you transport these three parts than a monolithic table; you have to spend a little time doing some steps.

a pingpong table with smaller pieces

The only disadvantage of this method is you still have to take out some back seats to have a space to put the table in the car.

But you don’t need to divide the table into small parts if you buy a product that has foldable legs. With foldable legs, you only need to fold the metal legs of the table to the surface then put it into your minivans easily.

In my opinion, the best outdoor ping pong tables cannot miss this fantastic feature.

Put the ping pong table on the top the car

Instead of putting the table in the minivans, why don’t you think about keeping it on the top? You can transport a big product without losing any space in your car.

So how do you do it?

There is wonderful equipment named “carrack”, you can find it in any auto part stores or online shops. You just set up the car rack on the top of your minivans; then you can fix any big object on it for transporting.

The carrack on the top

Remember that when you take the ping pong table on the car rack, you must turn around the table and put the surface on the rack first.

Why we have to do that? Because some experiments have been done and the scientists conclude that anything enormous, stiff, and flat on the top will quickly become airborne in high velocity.

Therefore, transporting the big table with the legs standing on is nearly impossible.

Wrapping Up

From the information above, we have concluded that the ping pong table cannot fit the minivans.

However, you can adopt some other solutions we have showed you to have memorable table tennis matches outside with your friends.

If you find this article is helpful, please share it. Thank you.

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