Working Out In The Heat vs. Cold (Which is better for your weightloss)

Working Out In The Heat vs. Cold (Which is better for your weightloss)

Today, we are settling it the age-old debate of should you be working out in a cold environment or should be working out in a warm environment

Which is better for your body? is there a big Difference?

I’m going to tell you guys what the answer to that is based on what I know and based on what I’ve been researching and we’re gonna come to a conclusion here today. let’s get started!

Pros and cons of both environment

okay, first we’re gonna go over the pros and cons of working out in a warm or a hot environment

Alright, what we’re gonna do for these comparisons is pretend that we’re taking the same workout


So I’m talking about the same time for cardio, same time for just everything, same person, same workout and we’re repeating it in a cold environment and a warm environment.

This is what’s gonna happen, this is gonna be the differences, okay.

These may help:

Warm environment


The first thing that’s gonna happen in a warm environment is you’re going to sweat more, this is great because it’ll lower your weight, however, lowering your weight through water excretion, through sweating or through peeing or whatever that is only temporary.

because to maintain homeostasis, your body needs a certain amount of water to be in your system, that’s why I kind of cringe when people say “oh I can’t wait to get with my water weight”.

as a personal trainer, I see it all, when people say that, it’s kind of shaking my head. That’s only temporary, right.

You lose water weight but it’ll come back because you need to have a certain amount of water in your system.

okay and also if you deplete yourself with too much water for a too long amount of time then you will not be in good health.

you will start to get dehydrated, you’ll start to see effects of that and that’s why you see a lot of UFC fighters and boxing fighters when they have to cut weight they do it through losing a lot of water weight.

they do whatever and they sweat for a long time and “my time to go on stage”, you’ll see in videos they’re just sickly.

The second thing that’s going to happen is your veins are going to be out more it’s gonna be a lot easier to bring their veins out because when you get warmer than where you are your veins will start to dilate.

They’ll come to the surface of your body and they’ll expand, that way they can release blood on top.

it’s just weird how the body works and that’s how your veins will come up more.

if you are in a cold environment, Of course, it can still happen but I’m just saying the warmer you are the more your veins will come out and it’s a lot easier for you.


Cold environment

Alright, now on to the effects of working out in a cold environment which is a very foreign concept to me because I live in Florida.

But I’m gonna do my best to pretend like I have experience of working out in a cold environment.

exercise in cold environment

Alright, the first thing that happened when working out a cold environment is you will burn calories at a much faster rate, it will be much easier burn calories as well and that’s because of one simple fact and that is homeostasis.

Your body needs to be at 98 degrees at all times, otherwise, something’s wrong like, for example, when your body goes above 98 degrees it’s because you’re running a fever, when he gets below 98 degrees you start to shiver.

so you can warm your body back up, when you’re warm when you’re working out in a cold environment, in an environment that’s naturally trying to bring you down from 98 degrees.

Your body will use up calories to maintain your 98 degrees body temperature okay.

so that’s what will happen when you’re working on a cold environment.

The second thing That will happen is it’ll be a lot harder to warm up, okay your body needs to be activated and your muscles are a lot like rubber bands sort of.

They need to be loose and fluid and stuff and so when you’re warmer it’s a lot easier to get them that way.

But when you are cold your muscles tend to get a little tenser a little tighter and stressing them out with workouts could damage them.

So it’s just important that if you are working out in a cold environment that you make sure you stretch up and you warm up and that you are not like freezing when you’re doing whatever exercise you’re doing unless you’re running or something.

So just be very careful with that.

The last thing I have for working out in a cold environment is it means that you’re going to sweat less and this may help you last longer, now it varies from person to person, but some people do get exhausted when the amount of water and their body is depleted and working out in a cold environment will help you sweat less

So that’s why some people prefer.

It’s completely up to you.

Personally, I kind of prefer a mixture of both I like room temperature maybe 80 degrees, 70 degrees for my workouts.

that’s what seems to work best for me.

If you are a gym owner in cold areas, you can refer to the comparison of heating system here.


Alright, people, we have reached a conclusion.

The conclusion is that it is completely up to you, different folks, different strokes, different people work out better in warm environments, different people work out better in cold environments.

It is completely up to you and what your goals are if you need to lose water weight I would suggest a warmer environment.

If you were trying to lose calories only and keep as much water weight as possible then I would highly suggest a cold environment.

And again it is completely up to you

Sometimes when super hot I just can’t work out that long.

Like I’ve tried my outdoor workouts in the middle of summer and it just doesn’t work out.

That like when I’m walking my dog, it’s really hot out I’m just absolutely dying and I hate it and so I have to walk her in the mornings.

When I’m walking in the cold as well, sometimes it’s not fun, the cold air gets into your lungs and it just kind of stings a little bit.

So again it varies from person to person but at the end of the day, it’s whatever’s gonna work best for you.

These are the effects that will happen if you work out in a cold environment versus a warm environment.

So choose wisely.

That’s all I have for this post, I hope you enjoyed it and hope you found it informative as well, I will post another post soon as I can get to it and I hope you guys enjoyed this one. so I will see you guys next time have a great day.

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